June 4, 2015

I have to admit I’ve been pretty tired lately, not my usual chirpy self. As usual, this time of the year the fashion industry goes crazy with Raya period. Every designer will have a collection, every store will showcase their Raya collection including ours, and invitations to fashion shows come in every other day. Of course it’s exciting but it’s also really draining if you’re handling over 300 brands and trying to do the best for everyone to be happy.

I had a down moment today when my phone was just beeping constantly. I put it on silent because I couldn’t bear the sound of it. And I just stared at the wall for awhile to calm myself down. I counted one by one, there were 45 whatsapp conversations actively happening on my phone. FOURTY FIVE. I don’t even know what the normal rate is but I was on the verge of throwing my phone at the wall. And of course everyone thinks they’re the only one messaging you, so when they don’t get a reply instantly, they get annoyed and will buzz you again.

I wasn’t feeling well today (not pregnant guys, I checked. *wipes sweat off forehead*) so I left the office early during the day. Dean came back later and put on the perfect supportive husband cap.

“Ok baby, lie down and close your eyes. I want to show you something they do in my kickboxing class.”

I did as he said. Closed my eyes.

“Ok… now imagine you are the only one here. It’s just you and no one else.” Dean’s voice suddenly went all whisper-y. It was quite funny but I held in my laughter.

“Well, my husband is here.” I said with my eyes still closed.

“Shhh! Concentrate. Just be quiet and relax,” and he changed his voice back to the whisper-y tone. “Ok, now imagine a white light at the end.”

“A white light? They teach you this in kickboxing? Gee, that’s macho.”

“Shhh!! Can you please just be quiet and listen to what I say,” Dean got annoyed. “Ok, now… breathe in slowly… breathe out slowly through your mouth.”

I did it but as I exhaled, I pictured Dean as a yoga instructor wearing all white and being all zen, so I burst out laughing.

“Umm this white light. What am I expecting it to do? How long is this going to take?”

“You’re not taking this seriously,” Dean was insulted.

“I’m sorry! But you just don’t have that zen yoga teacher voice. Ok, ok, let’s try again. Closing my eyes, picturing nothingness, relaxing… Ok go on…” I said as I did just that.

“Ok good. Now just take a deep breath in….” and Dean takes a deep breath in loudly. Like wow, he’s so into it. “Ok now as you exhale slowly, I want you to picture – “

“Talk faster can or not. I’m holding my breath here cos you’re breathing so slowly! I already want to exhale here,” I burst out laughing.

“I give up,” Dean declared.

“Aww, but that was really good, baby, I feel so much better now. Hey, have you seen my phone?” I’ve clearly moved on.

This thing worked though. It’s made me laugh so much (at Dean). Not what Dean hoped for obviously, but he should just stick to being a tech nerd instead of a meditation facilitator. And I need to get up and face those 45 whatsapp conversations! Girl power mode on. I can do thissss. Bismillah.

meditate 2Me. (and probably you too!)