no longer a baby

June 17, 2015

I just put Daniel to sleep and feel like crying. Dean is out for the first Ramadhan terawih this year, and I’m home with the kids. So since there’s no Dean to listen to my emotional ramblings, I chose you lucky readers to whine to. Hehe.

But anyway, seriously… tonight I just realised how “adult” Daniel is becoming. I sound crazy, I know, he’s only turning two next month, but I can just feel the difference you know?

Like nowadays, he’s starting to sit and play by himself when we have to attend to Mariam, he would watch Mariam when I say I have to go to the kitchen for a while, he would say “Mommy, quick!” when I am getting ready in the morning (GUESS WHO TAUGHT HIM THAT -__-“), he would get annoyed when you do things for him if he’s concentrating on it, and he would pick his own shoes when he goes out of the house (one time, he chose the totally wrong shoes for his outfit, I cringed but Dean was all we-must-let-him-make-choices. What rubbish.).


He’s no longer a little baby, guys.

And that’s not a waxed moustache, I swear. That’s just sirap stain.

Our Daniel Azim Shah, the boy you read about coming into this world almost 2 years ago… is no longer a little baby. I remember complaining about him drooling, I remember him crying so much as a baby and kept me up all night, I remember blogging about his baby food, all these are way past him.

At almost 2 now, I’m such a proud mom that Daniel is able to pick up so fast. He can speak a little and understand what you are saying, he can eat on his own with his own cutlery, he comes to hug you when he sees you’re in pain, he can recognize numbers, shapes and colours, and his ultimate skill; he knows how to unlock Androids and iPhones, and go into Settings to find his favourite icon; the red icon with the red side triangle. You know which one I’m talking about. I’m not the happiest about his new obsession but hey, you try arguing with him!

Aren’t children such miracles? This little boy came out of me as just a tiny little baby and now he’s growing up like for real for real. He’s really becoming his own character and transitioning from a baby to a toddler. And although he might be ready for this, I don’t know if I am.

*cries a bucket*

Tonight, as I tucked him in, I pulled up the blanket to his chest as usual. I would usually kiss his forehead goodnight after that.

But tonight, he didn’t let me pull up the blanket.

He said three words I will never be ready to hear.

“No, Daniel do!”

Someone please take out this knife that was pierced through my heart? Ok thanks.

*cries another bucket*

*Mariam, you still need me right?*

*someone empty this bucket please. I need to fill it up again with more tears*