timeless elegance

June 19, 2015

So whenever Dean walks past me in the house, I’d play this video for fun. His cheeks would turn red, of course. “Awww you think I’m elegant and you admitted it on cameraaaaa. You soft-hearted husband youuuu.” I’d wink at him.

He would clear his throat and go, “Sometimes… I forgot to add ‘sometimes’ in my interview answer.”

I’d go to him, “Sureeeee.”

Jokes and teases aside, I still think my husband is the sweetest ever and the dress he designed for of what he thinks is elegant for me, is one of my most treasured pieces until now. I can also tell he seems really proud of what he did because obviously he never thought he would be designing a dress for me!

So I asked some men what they think timeless elegance is in the woman in their lives, and I came up with 5 tips for us all.

1)   You have to FEEL like a lady

I think when it’s already in you that you want to act like a lady, everything starts to flow. You talk more gently, you dress more elegantly, you walk with more poise, you don’t talk with your mouth full of food etc etc. You have to feel elegant on the inside, and I think that’s already a step closer for the elegance to show on the outside.

2)   Speak kindly

Everyone I asked thought the same; elegance is not just in appearance but also a way of life. It’s from what you wear, yes, to the way you carry yourself and also all the way to how you treat others. The kinder you are to people, the more maturity and elegance you seem to portray. I would never expect elegance to be synonymous to vulgar words or bad behavior. I think an elegant and timeless lady only either speaks good words about others, or says nothing if there is nothing good to be said about something.

3)   Watch what you wear

Unfortunately, you can’t run away from the fact that the first thing a person notices about you is what you wear. That’s just life. Fortunately though, we don’t have to be rich to be timelessly elegant. It’s all about cleanliness and neatness. Don’t wear something torn thinking people won’t notice, patch it up first. Don’t wear something stained, clean it up first. Don’t wear faded or overworn shoes, you have to face the fact that shoes have their expiration dates too. Always pay attention to the details because little little things make up an outfit and if there is one detail that spoils it, it spoils the whole first impression. People only remember the bad, unfortunately, so don’t give them anything bad to remember you by.

4)   Don’t try too hard

Yes, always think elegance. But don’t overdo it. Suddenly you walk so tall that your back starts to hurt. Or you walk so softly that you start to annoy your colleagues. Or you speak in a British accent trying to copy the elegant Kate Middleton or something. Just be yourself, but the elegant version of yourself. Not someone else.

5)   Smell nice

At all times. Nothing spoils a girl’s image more than whiffs of foul bodily odour. Sometimes it’s inevitable that we might be sweating buckets throughout the day and only aliens don’t smell after a long day especially in our kind of weather! But there are ways around it like bringing a change of clothes to work, or bringing a deodorant or perfume. Or better yet, use perfume-scented fabric conditioners like Downy Timeless that leave your clothes smelling amazing straight from the wash. Definitely a shortcut to smelling good!

I’ve actually found No (5) to be the most important. Whenever I feel like I’ve been in the hot sun sweating for too long, I get very conscious and uncomfortable. Not only worried that others might be uncomfortable too, but I myself feel not confident and not wanting to be near others. This is a huge barrier to elegance and I’m telling you, half the job is done when you use Downy Timeless (I’m saying this because I use it and I like it).  More than just a fabric conditioner, it has a special scent experience that sticks on your clothes, just like wearing fragrance. You will naturally stand out (in a good way!), without even having to make literally any effort!

As if understanding elegance is key, Downy Timeless is also in the theme of everything white and pure. White to me is a colour of timeless elegance (as opposed to black), not only representing pureness but also softness.


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DSC_9634 copy

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