our raya 2015

July 20, 2015


This was Mariam’s first Raya and I had fun dressing her up in cute little clothes! With Daniel, it’s just boring baju melayu sets, the same thing every year just different colour. But with Mariam, the ladies at Mimpikita made her a really adorable lilac peplum kurung to go with the rest of us in lilac too.

We spent Raya morning with Dean’s side of the family and moved on to my side after the prayers. This is the awesome bit about not having to argue which kampung to go back to for Raya, because both our families are in KL. (I always say, ladies, before marrying the guy, ask where he spends his Raya! If it’s far from you…. no go. #ijoke #thereissometruthtothatthough #thinkinglongterm)


What is life without a flatlay…


So hard to…


….get a family photo….




Want to spend all my Raya’s with you, baby.


Daniel and cousin Alex went to the mosque for Solat Raya. Was Daniel’s first time!


You may kiss the bride….


What. Are. We. Going. To. Do. About. Your. Hair. Mariam.


Daniel being clingy with none other than his favourite person in the whole world…

Then when the kids conked out… guess where Dean and I went off for our Raya date?


That’s right! Oh I’ve missed you, you chipped-borderline-dangerous bowls of yumminess. Boat Noodle on the first day of Raya, now that’s desperation after a whole month of not having any hehe.


Balik kampung! Mariam’s first time in her great grandparents’ kampung in Negeri Sembilan.


She loves the nature…


This one, not so much…

We went to a couple of open houses and we went back to Negeri Sembilan (Dean’s grandparents’ place) for a day trip but it’s been fairly relaxing so far. We gave the whole FV and dUCk team a very long Raya break, longer than the usual days other companies give, so everyone’s just kind of chilling after a stressful period! They definitely deserve the long break. I miss the office but I’m enjoying every bit of this Raya break. I realised how much fun I have with the kids and I want to do so much more as a mom e.g. set up activity timetables for Daniel, take them to the zoo… heck, I was even hanging around the cookbook section at Times bookstore just now! I didn’t buy anything though… spent 10 minutes there and almost hyperventilated chanting “I can’t do this… Too hard… I can’t do this… Too hard.” Domestic goddess is crossed off my Goals list, thank you very much.

Hope your Raya is going well, wherever you are in this world!

And if you see me around, be sure to give me two of these. I have two kids this Raya. :”)


First day: Lavender aere x dUCK scarf and INNAI for FV kurung, both FashionValet.

Second day: Black Orchid Peachskin dUCk scarf and Malaque for FV knurl (comes in blue and beige), both FashionValet