scouting for schools

July 24, 2015

During the Raya break, we focused on the kids. Well more on Daniel because we have to start scouting for a preschool as he just turned two.

 So I called one of the famous preschools and suddenly some fake posh accent came out from my mouth.

“Hello there, bla bla bla… interested to put my son to school… his name is Daniel,” and I emphasized the Dan with some really weird British accent. I sounded hilarious guys, like a really confused mom. I even said Hello there, like please ok, Hi would’ve been enough.

Oh gosh, I’ve become one of those competitive parents!

The day of the appointment with the principal, Dean wore a polo tee and jeans. After my IS THAT WHAT YOU ARE WEARING DO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS SCHOOL HAS A WAITING LIST WE NEED TO IMPRESS face, he didn’t even change. Hello, am I the only one who cares about our children’s education?

 We visited the school and thank God my fake-weird-confused-sometimes-British-sometimes-American-sometimes-German accent didn’t come out. I was normal, phew. The teacher was really nice and I think she was impressed by my questions. Totally google-d what a parent would ask schools. One popular one to sound smart, “What if my child is too advanced, can he skip a year?” Fuuhhh immediately bumped one up in waiting list, guys. Another one would be “Is there a waiting room for his nannies?” Emphasise on the plural even when the reality is you just have your Kak Siti. The whole time, I was trying not to laugh because I was imagining Daniel’s bored Kakak waiting for him looking totally unimpressed that she has to be there. BAHAHHAHAH. Then say, “Oh you don’t have a nanny waiting room?” and add a “Hmmm…” like you’re not impressed.

Got this in the bag, guys.


No nanny room? Come on guys…

Daniel was running around the play area and earlier I had warned him to behave and act cool. Like just be cool, Daniel! Act like you don’t really want to go to this school. He did well with my instructions but he took it a bit too far because he decided to poop during the visit. -___-“

Anyway, all was good we said our goodbyes. And then we opened the folder they gave with the fees.


I have to pay that much for Daniel to play with bowls and crayons?!! I think they accidentally added one extra zero and there was a mistake. Sigh this limited edition designer school is looking even more delicious. Maybe Daniel can watch from outside their glass building and he’ll learn along the way? He’ll bring his own bowls, promise.

Dean looked at me and laughed, “I think YouTube is good enough for Daniel to learn, don’t you think?”

Oh yes totally agree. Youtube ftw.