to believe or not to believe

July 14, 2015

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A friend messaged me earlier with a random question, “Wei, how do you deal with all these “Tinggi Langsing Ketiak Putih Nak Cepat Kaya tak” scams on Instagram, huh? They’re annoying me!”

 Reading her message, I just laughed out loud.

 Sorry but “ketiak putih”… try saying that in a serious conversation with a serious face. Go, try it now! Ke-tee-yak-poo-teh. Can’t right?!!

 Anyway, my answer to her was simple, “Just ignore la! Got better things in life to do.”

I’m still managing ok with those spams and scams on my instagram, and I delete and block when I have the time. More will come, but just delete and block again. You just have to have the patience to do so. Sometimes you’ll even end up looking antisocial at brunch with your friends hehe.

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Wearing Almond Mylk Georgette dUCk, top from Sunny Girl and jacket from Line 32, all FashionValet.

If you can’t be bothered, then of course your comments will be flooded with these useless ads among one nice person’s comment saying “Nice and *thumbs up*” to your ootd. And when you click on that person, you realize she too is selling something. -____-“

The key here is to take it with a pinch of salt. If it bothers you, delete. If it doesn’t bother you, just leave it and ignore.

Because at the end of the day, the public is not stupid. Do you really think sensible people believe all these advertisements you see on instagram? I’m not so worried about those selling white armpits and tall slim magic powders because generally, people won’t take notice anyway. People know the way to earn respect for your business is not by spamming people’s instagram comments.

 But what I’m worried about is this new trend of advertisements asking if you want to get rich.

Like ummm duhhhh YES WHERE DO I SIGN UP?!

So that will definitely catch people’s attention especially young people who want to get rich quick. There’s nothing wrong with this obviously, but I’m just scared that these advertisements are in fact scams. Like they might tell you to pay a certain fee to join, or to transfer a bit of money to get started etc. And promise you the world and showing you fake testimonials to get your trust. And more often than not, you never hear from them anymore after that. And you have just lost all your college money. I think we hear of this a lot, and not a lot of us will fall for it. But some might.

I get that a lot of my instagram and I unfortunately have to delete all of them, because I feel like I don’t want to have a platform of these kinds of business or schemes, whether or not they’re legit.

An example:


Not just this, but we also now get those “Oh please send me money. I am a refugee being held etc etc”. Remember those longgg emails we used to get? Well now, it’s a step forward, they use social media now! And then you also get the love scams where you meet a guy online and after months of talking and getting to know each other, he wants you to give him money for “a flight ticket to visit you”. -____-“ No girl… he ain’t comin to see you for love!

So ladies, please… if you are interested, please make sure you check thoroughly what, who and how these people work before you commit anything at all. Because admittedly not all are scams so you can’t always assume the worst (I mean, Dean and I fell for each other online too!). But the Internet is there to give you access to all sorts of research and information, so make full use of it before you do anything drastic that involves money. Don’t make mistakes and then blame others when you could’ve done your homework.

Always “Klik Dengan Bijak”. Be smart when clicking because although the virtual world has so many goods, we also have to be careful.

If there are any young ladies out there reading this, always always consult your parents or someone you look up to, before giving in to any advertisements or potential scams on the Internet. The world is getting so vicious and dangerous now, people have no problem doing heartless things these days, that we all have to look out for one another.

Till the next post, keep your armpits white!

*roll of floor laughing*