a special gathering

August 18, 2015

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Dean and I are not the hosting types, we rarely have any friends or family over our house either! So the FV open house was definitely something new to us. We have never had a gathering with all of our vendors and partners and suppliers and all the people who have supported FV behind the scenes, and to be honest I was a bit nervous. There were so many faces to remember and I was praying that I would remember everyone’s names. Vendors alone we have 300+ brands and within the brands, there are several people in the team. I was like pls pls pls do not forget anyone’s face or name.

Alhamdulillah, I had nothing to worry about because everything went so smoothly. People were so nice and in such good moods. No one wanted to talk about work, everyone just wanted to eat, take pictures at our photo booth and mingle with each other.


It was really a dream come true, like I said in my instagram post above, and I really hope one day I can afford to extend the invitation to customers and also blog readers. Insyaallah one day and I’ll know I would have made it in life then!!



We did it at KLGCC in the exact banquet hall where Dean and I got married. So obviously it meant a lot. The club has a beautiful green scenery of a big golf course, the sun was shining and birds were chirping. It was a beautiful day.



I wore a kurung from Lana KL from FashionValet 



We chose Raya food but we noticed that people were having more of the lighter food like satay, lemang, noodles. The heavier food like rice and dishes, there were still a lot of at the end of the four-hour event.

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Daniel. Free of charge.


Photo booth

The HR department engaged this super cool photo booth company that not only prints out the pictures but also emails you a 15 second Instagram video of your poses. I had to instagram the video because it was just funny!



MAGNUMMMM!! Lots of Magnum!!!

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Had a couple of these fridges at the open house.

Hundreds of Magnum ice cream in all flavours were served at the open house, and people loved it because they said it was “so cool” and “unexpected at an open house”. I just love making people happy and somehow serving ice cream really hits the right spot with even introverts. Especially if it’s Magnum, the designer ice cream. You should try serving your guests these Belgian Chocolate covered beauties, and see if they say no. Hehe. Some of my FV colleagues even snuck out some boxes with huge Ms on them… -___-“


I’ll be forever grateful to Magnum for making my guests happy! I heard Magnum has something exciting coming up so stay tuned everybodyyyy!

As for the overall open house, I am reallyyyy hoping it can be an annual event but we will have to work hard towards this dream of ours. Wish me luck!