jejak warriors

August 27, 2015

When I first heard that Toot’s sister Azzwaa was going to be co-producing a film, I got ready. She’s going to ask me to be an extra for sure. I mean I was sure of it. She saw me grow up, she knows I have superstar acting abilities for sure.

I waited but no such call.


I mean whatever, I was going to say I was busy anyway.

Haha #bitter

But after attending the media screening and watching the film in the cinema with so many people from the media, I was just in awe. I couldn’t believe how much I underestimated her because the movie was so well done. The cast was all the A-list stars with appearances from some of our favourite veteran actors, and although I know nothing about football, I was so engrossed with the storyline because it is also about family and friendship.

I couldn’t stay till the end and I left at the best part where the girl loses the boy… ok no spoiler alert. But yes, just like you (hopefully), I will be buying my tickets to watch it properly. And I’m dragging Dean with me too!

Make sure you drag your families and support a local production! The movie is out todayyyyyy! Both in GSC and TGV cinemas nationwide.

Oh one more thing…. The movie’s in Kelantanese.

Ambo boleh kecek kelate doh. Guano demo?

*blows nails*