mariam’s cukur jambul

August 28, 2015

It was as if she knew that I was about to blog about her. As I was compiling the photos oh her akikah here, Mariam made a little cry from her cot. Have just spent some time putting her back to sleep and it made me think of how much love I have for her.

She’s 6 months now but I’ve known her even 9 months before anyone else did. She is that same kind of character; never giving me any problems, independent, always minding her own business. Daniel is extremely clingy (think clutching on to neck, legs wrapped around waist kind of clingy. That’s my manly son there.) but Mariam is the complete opposite. She is not very manja, just needs you when she needs you to bring that colourful toy closer to her… or else, please get out of her view, she’s busy analysing how the fan is moving. Haha. Despite her independence, she lights up the room because she is so generous with her smiles. As soon as you look at her and call her name, she will smile and all your worries just melt away.

It’s super overdue these pictures I’ve promised to share. Mariam, if you’re reading this one day, your day was an eventful one filled with love. You were 40 days old then. So many people came to celebrate you and you got so many kisses that day from people you don’t know that Daddy got a bit upset. Haha. A lady came up to me randomly the other day and told me, “Your daughter is going to be very intelligent.” I immediately went Duhhhhh but I whispered to you that day that nothing else matters most than your heart. Let it be pure, let it be filled with goodness and let it shine you through with honour. Mommy and Daddy love you very much, our little princess!




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Photos: Qippy Photography

Decoration: Pak Abu

Mariam’s outfit: Baby Dior, Mimpikita and Sereni & Shentel

Mommy’s outfit: dUCk and Mimpikita

Mommy’s makeup: Teyn