potty training daniel

August 22, 2015

“Daniel, before you want to pee or poo, you have to tell Mommy ok? We are going to use the toilet like a big boy ok?”

“Ok, Mommy!” Daniel agreed cheerfully.

Verbal contract made. 

“Promise you will tell me first?”

“Promise, Mommy!” He said again.

Verbal contract sealed. 

Well, DANIEL DOESN’T HONOR CONTRACTS!!! By 4 pm, I have wiped pee on the floor, on the carpet, on my shirt, on our dining chair (never telling our guests which chair…) and a trail of tiny droplets on the way to the toilet. That last one, believe it or not, was us actually making progress. One of those times, Daniel actually bent down with me and helped to wipe and he said “Sowwee Mommy,” sadly. My heart melted but I remembered the article saying you can’t say “It’s ok” or anything because you want to train them that they have to pee in the toilet. So, it’s not ok to pee on the floor.


I’ve decided to potty train him at 2 years old. The articles I read say that you can do it when your child can talk and the closer he is to 3, the harder it becomes. So I bought the potty seat and made sure I cleared 3 days off my week just to train him. Because I can’t stress this enough – you need to watch your child like a hawk. The moment you see his face change, you better RUN to the toilet. I was on my laptop for a while and when I turned around, there was a puddle on the floor. The moment I went to get a drink in the kitchen, my Vitagen and I were greeted by Daniel clutching his thingy and looking very uncomfortable. “Daniel!! Do you need to –?” Psssssssttttttttt, all over your floor. Pooing is easier because you have some time to gauge if he needs to poo, but peeing is instant and comes without warning.

I used this article as a guide and found it so useful. I followed it as closely as I could, and now it’s been 3 days and Daniel has successfully used the toilet regularly. He tells me before he needs to go and we rush together to the toilet, both of us frantically chanting don’tpeeyetdon’tpeeyetdon’tpeeyet along the way. Both of us, it’s hilarious. Then he pees/poo on the seat and we clap our hands happily going YAYYYY! (I’ve never been so happy to see poo in my life). Then I let him flush as a treat and he never misses to wave to the toilet bowl saying “Bye bye Poopoo! See you later!” It’s so cute, guys!

We had such a funny moment when we were trying to get him to use the potty every 15 mins to get him used to it. Of course, most of the time, he doesn’t actually have to go. So, he’d look at me and go “Donch have.” So we’d say “Oh mann! Maybe later…” with much disappointment. Then he gets down and points at me, “Mommy go.”

Umm this wasn’t in the manual.

“No, it’s ok, Mommy doesn’t have to go,” I assure him.

“No, Mommy go,” he points at the toilet adamantly, stomping his feet.

Sigh. So Mommy had to go.

I was feeling so shy to pee but Daniel clapped for me and went “Yay, Mommy!!!”. Felt kind of nice, gotta say. Peeing never felt so delightful!

As daunting as the process is (requires a LOT of patience, I tell you), it was amazing to just be with him and Mariam for the whole 3 days. I still had to work from home which is super difficult with the 2 babies, so I gotta admit, productivity level went down the drain. But I cooked for him (Mariam isn’t on solids yet) and played with them and we coloured chickens together in Daniel’s colouring book. It was the best 3 days of my motherhood journey so far.

IMG_7422 copy

He’s going to kill me when his friends one day see these photos hehe

Now, he only wears diaper to sleep, and ummm… to be honest, I’m not sure how long I should allow that. Advice?