walking zombies

August 8, 2015

There were so many moments when I’m like “Ooohhh I have to blog about this!” and then so many other things happen after that and I’m like Oh forget it, the moment’s gone. I have to start writing things down asap or else, I’d forget.

I think my life now is at the craziest it’s ever been. Days are filled with things and even when I’m feeling so exhausted, there’s just no re-scheduling because things need to get moving. The business is scaling up so fast now, the team is bigger and better with leaders in their own rights, so Dean and I also need to step up. This isn’t the time to chill, we’re only in our late 20s and we should be working the hardest now.

At the same time, unlike most of our single colleagues, we don’t come home to resting time, reading on the couch etc. We have not one but two beautiful children who we miss dearly at the end of every day and no matter how tired, we want to spend every possible time with them. BUT I’m not going to paint you a picture perfect life. Seriously, Dean and I are so sleep deprived because Daniel and Mariam will take turns waking up even if it’s just once and for milk etc. I have some friends who tell me their children sleep with their nannies and as much as I love the idea of me sleeping through the night, the jealous mom in me won’t allow that. People ask us when the third baby is coming, we can see ourselves laughing at that question, while rolling off the floor to the other side of the room.

We’d love to go on a holiday to relax and rejuvenate, but bringing two babies along… fuhhhh, the thought just scares me. And if we don’t bring them, we know we won’t enjoy the trip because we’d spend half the time video-calling them.

So yeah, we’re pretty much walking zombies now, Dean and I. People keep writing to me saying they see me as their inspiration etc, but quite honestly, I’m struggling to find a balance myself! I think no one’s got it all figured out. If you do, please let me know because I’m super tired right now! Haha.

I’ve got a long list of things I want to blog about but time and energy seem to very stingy these days. Will make time though, soon! Till the next post. #Godpleaseletmesleepwelltonight