mariam’s first swim

September 19, 2015

Today was a complete family day for Dean and I.

We did NO WORK, like seriously NO WORK it felt a bit weird. But since we are obsessed with work during weekdays, we thought it’s time to focus on kids kids kids this whole weekend. No laptops, no friends, just the four of us. Today we took both Daniel and Mariam out for some lunch and shopping (for umm Playdoh, yawn). Then we came back and took them swimming; Mariam’s first time.

She totally screamed when I dipped in the water. But after a while, she seemed to love it. Well, she’s pretty expressionless like how Daniel was back then too. No laugh, no nothing. Just calm and cool, while her mom goes “This is so fun, wheeeeee!! ARE YOU LOVING THIS, MARIAM?” followed by a blank face from Mariam.

IMG_9782 IMG_9786 IMG_9800

I miss blogging about simple life things like these like how I used to back then before work started. With Instagram now, it’s so much easier to update on my everyday life there and I think there’s so much more content there than my blog. But I never want to lose my blog because I really want my kids to be able to read the stories of them growing up (and I guess stories of Mommy growing up too). You guys should pen down your growing family’s journey too, it’s pretty nice to look back and read things that you probably have forgotten.

Hope you are having a good weekend!