standard question

September 27, 2015

Standard question when entering a new place:

Can I have your WiFi password, please?

Today, Dean and I left the kids to do some work on our laptops. The idea was to sit in a corner of a cafe, with our own laptops and excel sheets, and not speaking to each other. You know, quality time. Haha. Ok seriously, our own “me” time but still super clingy that we want each other in less than a metre radius.

So we went to a nice coffee place, ordered our drinks and sat down. Opened our laptops and nodded to each other with smiles that we know meant Love you but don’t talk to me for an hour, thanks.

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The lady came and we asked for the WiFi password. She answered, “Oh sorry we don’t have WiFi here.”

WHAT DON’T BLUFFFFFFF! Everyone needs WiFi these days it should already be a human right, like the whole country should be WiFi-ed already! I obviously knew they had it but don’t want to give to avoid people who buy a cup of coffee and sit for an hour buying nothing else. I.e. people like Dean and myself. Fine, good call on that. *CRY*

Dean and I looked at each other and sighed, “So I guess we have to… talk, then.” Almost 10 years of each other, believe me, we’ve talked enough. #imkiddingireallydolovehim

But in all seriousness, had loads of fun with Dean talking about the weather and stuff. Couldn’t finish our work but fine, we had proper quality time and it was pretty nice.