white is the new black

September 21, 2015

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I came back home clutching them tightly. Please please don’t let Daniel see this. Came in through the front door and zoomed into the kitchen. Put the things on the kitchen counter and quickly arranged one by one into the freezer.

No sound of Daniel yet, so all’s good.

On to my second last one to put into the freezer.

Suddenly, “Ice-cweam?”

I almost jumped at the sound of him because I was so sure he was taking his nap!

I shut the freezer door close. “No no, don’t have,” I went over to kiss him.

He pushed me and pointed to the freezer. “Ice-cweam.”

Ugh. He saw it and I know being the determined boy that he is, I can’t win without a fight. I guess I’ll have no choice but to share. He saw these already.


I heard about Magnum’s White Almond ice-cream and thought FINALLY. I love white chocolate (dark chocolate is my least fav, but Dean loves em) so I was so excited about the launch of these babies. Am also a sucker for everything white, it’s just so elegant, so eating these made me feel like sitting upright and getting my pearls to match.


The crunch from the almond pieces and white chocolate coating, and biting all the way through into the soft creamy ice cream inside… fuhhhh, the perfect cure for hot days we have to go through these days. Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside… I finished one stick in less than a minute!

You have to try one! They’re available…anywhere, really.


My kind of wheel of Magnum.

I hope they’ll come up with a Magnum mini version of these too! Those are the best for guilt-free days. But till then, I’m taking out a magazine and indulging into these premium sticks on my off-day today. It’s been a rough week so I’m treating myself!


Feeling so happy, managed to do a flatlay too.

Bon appetit, guys!