a solution to everything

October 24, 2015

I’m at my new home now (I owe my blog readers a post on that. It’s a huge milestone in my life, I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about that yet!) writing this on my dining table. Right at the other end of me is my mother rearranging the contents of my kitchen cabinets.

You see, I have no idea how to manage kitchens. What goes where, what goes with what, how to store chinaware neatly etc. This is my first proper home, I need to do it right. So what do I do? Cincai put everything everywhere, make sure my mother sees it, she freaks out and goes all Astarghfirullah on me, and TA-DAAAAAA she is here now organising everything.


The whole contents of my kitchen (even some unopened wedding presents from 3 years ago!) is on the floor or on the counter, ready for Mommy’s instruction on where their fate lies in the kitchen.

You think this is mean, but trust me, she lives for this. She lovesssssss cleaning and organising, this is her zone. I might as well say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY. HERE’S SOME STUFF TO CLEAN! and she’ll go Awwww what a good daughter, thank you my sweetpie. No joke. After she’s done, she’ll take a few steps back and squint her eyes like something’s wrong. She’ll move the microwave one inch from its original spot and go “Haaaa, kan cantik macam tu?” while the microwave beams proudly of the praise.

That is one trait I definitely did not inherit from her; her domestic goddess-ness.

Sigh, what would we do without our moms. They’re our solutions to everything! God-sent, each and everyone one of them.

If you haven’t said I love you to your mom today, go and do it. I’m telling Daniel and Mariam to do it too.