breastfeeding journey

October 26, 2015

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I was throwing out some old items in my home and came across my breastpump parts. I used it from Daniel’s time and it continued to my time with Mariam too. Ahhh, how I’ve missed my time with my babies and I really never thought I’d say this but oh what the heck. I miss breastfeeding.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my fair share of frustrations with it, I’m not just going to lie and say it was a breeze. The babies wanting to breastfeed in the car, waking up several times a night just because boobs were comfort tools (I mean seriously, they make teddy bears for a reason sheesh), having wet patches during a meeting because I was lactating and forgot to bring my pump (so so embarrassing guys, thank GOD I wear tudung so I could cover it quickly), and also not being able to travel as much because the kids (Daniel especially) were so attached to me. Remember my cabbage patch story? Oh and not to mention the cracked nips and the tubs of nipple cream to moisturize. I was in a lot of pain, especially with Mariam.

But even through all these, the upside outweighed everything. Nothing beats the look in their eyes as they gaze up at their mother’s face. The bond between mom and baby through all this (trust me I used to find this phrase corny too) is real and cannot be replaced by feeding through the bottle.

Let me share with you my experience with the two (this will be TMI for sure, but it’s ok, you’ve seen me grow up since my uni days, what’s a few more nipple stories…)

Daniel – breastfed for a year, had to stop due to Doc’s advice when I got pregnant with Mariam. He was addicted to breastfeeding and sometimes admittedly I’d do it just to shut him up or put him to sleep. Boobs are power, guys. I was the go to person all the time, made me feel so so loved. I also had a flat tummy back in no time, without exercise. But boobs the size of watermelons.

Mariam – breastfed for only two months. She bites really hard and my nips bled so much even pumping milk was impossible because I was crying while pumping and my milk was pink. It was not fun. I made a decision to stop after 2 months but I was so so sad about it. Mariam loves me (I’M SURE SHE DOES!) but the bond is not nearly as close as Daniel’s because she is not very attached to me. I also am dealing with my post-baby pooch that refuses to go away.

So coming from a mom who has had two different sets of experience, I can advise you that breastfeeding is always the better choice. For both your baby, and for you too. Did some research and here are the benefits:

For your baby – nutrition that no formula can give, easier to digest, the nutrients change according to baby’s needs, protects them from viruses and allergies, not polluted, contains enzymes, the best comfort food and feels a sense of security from his/her mom.

For you – breastfeeding can delay your menses so it can prevent further pregnancy (I swear this was the first benefit on the leaflet I read. ROFL.), burns extra calories, helps the uterus to get back to its original size, reduces risk of breast cancer, no need to wake up to heat water and make milk – can just lift up shirt and go back to sleep. (Hehe ok fine I added the last one)

I’ll be storing away the breastpump since there’s no more need for it now. My boobs have graduated from their service, but gotta say, I feel proud knowing that they’ve done a good deed. No one can lie to you and say breastfeeding is a walk in the park, but the amount of pahala we moms get from breastfeeding… fuhhh, I sure hope to get a penthouse in heaven! Hehe, but in all seriousness, I would advise all moms to give it a shot. Good luck, mommies!