could not land

October 17, 2015

I had a near death experience, guys!!

Dean is next to me rolling his eyes.

Ok fine, maybe not very near death… but it was scary!

Basically, I was in Singapore with my buying team and I was on an earlier flight back to KL by myself. The only sucky part about traveling is hearing all sorts of scary airplane crash/missing/diving into the sea stories. So if I have to travel, I’m basically just in an anxious-but-trying-to-be-cool mood, but inside I’m chanting zikir with one huge imaginary blue sweat next to my face. (You know the emoticon, right?)

5 more minutes to landing. Yay! Just a bit more and I get to run to Dean’s arms hugging me tight, and I smiled at the thought. I missed him so much. (Singapore was a one-night work trip, btw. Haha #CLINGYWIFETOANOTHERLEVEL).

Suddenly, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Captain speaking. Due to the heavy rain in KL, we are unable to land. Our plane has been held until further notice. Please say your last words.”

Ok fine the last sentence wasn’t said by him, but it might as well have been! I was freaking out, and I could see people getting anxious. I suddenly realized how small this budget plane was and started getting claustrophobic. Ok calm down, calm down. It’s probably nothing. We’ll land in no time.

Half an hour passed and I was still having clouds as neighbours.

Ok this is getting ridiculous. How bad was the rain?! I considered going into the cockpit and taking over the pilot’s seat. How hard could it be to fly? Press some buttons here and there, maybe? Ok no. Might make it worse. Gahhh why didn’t I drive to Singapore instead?

Another announcement, “Just an update from the Captain here speaking. We are still not getting the permission to land. I cannot advise you how long we will be up here, but I will update as soon as I know.”

We. Are. Going. To. Die.

I started looking at my phone (airplane mode, don’t worry) and started scrolling through pictures of my family. I was wondering if this is what the victims of airplane crashes did while they wait in agony. I suddenly missed my parents and families and thought this cannot be how it ends! One picture of Dean, Daniel and Mariam sleeping soundly in bed that I took a few days ago, made me all sad.


Please God, I’m not ready to die. My kids are still so small. They still need their mom. (Well… that’s really debatable. They seem to love Daddy most. Pfftttt.)

FINALLY, WE LANDED after an hour just circling the air. And I was greeted by a very relieved Dean who hugged me so tight. Ahhhh, Thank You Allah swt.

But but, one thing funny that happened on the plane I just had to share. So basically, people were getting bored and started walking up and down, going to toilets etc. But this one American guy hung out with the stewardess at the back where I was sitting. I could hear their whole conversation of giggles and whatnots, I think the whole back portion found this pretty entertaining… well, in between having anxious thoughts of dying, anyway.

So the guy was chatting and asking the stewardess questions about her life, where she stays, what her family does bla bla. She was obviously really pretty so I don’t blame him. Then he said, “Oh yeah my wife says I’m bla bla bla…”

The stewardess went, “Ohhh you have a wife??”

Then the guy said, “Well, ex-wife.” And the stewardess replied with a sympathetic Awwww.

My eyes couldn’t have rolled any harder.


Such a typical move. Wife becomes ex-wife in just a split second in front of a pretty lady. Pftttt!

Anyway back to my story. Conclusion is, cherish every moment with your families. And flying is *&&@#%*#% scary.