dear parents,

October 5, 2015

I haven’t blogged for 5 days and that’s pretty long for me haha. A lot of things have been going on; we are planning for 2016 so a lot of top management meetings, we are moving into a new place, and you know… those two people named Daniel and Mariam are keeping us busy constantly.

Daniel’s had a week of school already and I’m pretty sure I have already gained the reputation of The All-Over-The-Place Mother with the teachers there hehe. Always “a bit” late to send Daniel and I have already forgotten to pick him up twice. *hides under table* Both times it was because I was in a meeting in the office and I was not keeping track of time. My phone is also always on silent because I can’t stand a lot of notification beeps (I have a gazillion active group chats and emails) so I missed my driver’s “Urmm, Daniel?” messages. God bless his soul for not judging me as I shout at cars driving so slowly when we’re zooming to pick Daniel up.

Still trying to adjust to having a child in school! Been a rough week for both Daniel and I. Separation anxieties on both side, him clutching on to my pants (top, scarf, shoes, handbag, everything) as soon as he sees the school gate, and me crying in the car after I leave him. In front of him, I act all tough because I want to teach him that this is normal so he has to get on with it, but inside my heart breaks into a sea of tiny crying-face emoticons. No working mother can not feel bad about this. The teachers keep consoling me saying that he’s totally fine after I leave and the crying stops after a few seconds when he sees other children (well, I’m pretty sure he’s more excited about the many many toy animals on their shelf. He couldn’t care less about other kids but I won’t tell the teachers that.). When I pick him up, I like to peek first at what he’s doing and he’s totally fine doing all the school activities. But the moment he sees me, he runs to me and starts crying and refuses to say Bye and Thank You to the teachers. I’m hoping this drama will end after a month or so!

On a positive note, Daniel has said repeatedly that he likes school and he gets excited when he wears his school bag (seriously such a cute giraffe bag I wore it a couple times). And I’m feeling so excited when I get a “Dear Parent, ….” announcement text from the school. Dear Parent... fuhhh I’m so grown up guys!! I get Dear Parent texts!

And soon my fridge doors will be covered with these.


“What a beautiful artwork you did there, Daniel!!!”

Lies I tell my children.