don’t leave

October 30, 2015

So my mom’s maid of 18 years is leaving for good. I knew this day was going to come, I know people don’t get any younger, but I’m not ready for this.

This was the woman who took care of me, cooked for me, prepared me in the morning for school, carried me into the toilet and forced me to shower, the woman who cried the day I got engaged, the woman who never complained and always saw the good in me. She took care of the whole family, putting our needs before hers always. She’s, without a doubt, family. Oh, may God bless this selfless woman who have done so much for my family, and grant her heaven.

It all happened because her daughter is now grown up and wants her to return so that she can take care of her own mom. In my heart, I’m screaming I’ll take care of her, please let us take care of her!! but I know that’s just the selfish in me talking. No matter how long you put a mother away from her children, her heart always belongs to them. Sometimes we forget our maids and helpers have their own families that we may or may not even have asked them about. If you have maids too, treat them with kindness always. They travel away from their family to take care of your family and watch your family unite in happiness while she stays in the back room, only God knows how that must feel.

I am the closest to her so I think I’ll be taking this the hardest. I was thinking to give her a farewell gift, but what on earth do you give someone who devoted her life for you and your family? Umm hi, thanks for the 18 years, would you like a spa voucher?! -___-” Money? Gold jewellery? A photo frame of the two of you? What?!

Then I realised I have the perfect gift.

A one-way ticket back to Kuala Lumpur.