mommy’s spaghetti

October 25, 2015

Families who eat together stay together. I truly believe that and it doesn’t even have to be productive or anything, but just having your family members there is special enough. Now when all of us are grown up and have our own little families and careers, it’s pretty tough to stay together especially if no one makes the effort to. But we have to try, if not everyone will sort of fade away into their own lives.

This weekend, Mommy made the effort to cook for the family (she doesn’t usually cook, she prefers cleaning and rearranging things in the house… and my house too) and we all came together and had an amazing time. She cooked up a storm that included an RM 600 Black Angus load of beef that she will never let us forget. #eateverysinglething

Just sharing her spaghetti recipe that I loveeee. Super simple, she says, well I wouldn’t really know haha. I mean, I cut myself slicing bread today. -___-” #gottaworkonkitchenskills


Olive oil and garlic.


Chilli paste and prawns. (some clams would be amazing too)


Cherry tomatoes.


Peppers – I think they make any dish pretty cos of the colours. (Totally missing the point)




Some tomato ketchup and chilli flakes.


Coriander leaves.


Et voila!

I present to you… La Spaghetti a la Madame Aishah.