my new gym reputation

October 20, 2015

Dean and I decided to start gymming again. I say “again” as if I’ve been throughout my whole membership period. Well, I have… twice. And I still have 13 sessions left at Bodytone and… ughhhh writing about this more is getting me upset. Haha.



We realize we need to get healthy and we need each other as motivation. So that one energetic morning, we marched our way to the gym. I was so excited because I bought a bunch of Stella McCartney gym outfits and even new sneakers with those platform thingies (I’m sure they do something, but I just like them because they make me look a bit taller.)

Entered the gym and realizing that I need to do a lot of cardio to lose the post-baby flabs, I stepped on the treadmill. Ummm press QuickStart right? I got so motivated after seeing the calories burned numbers go up and up. Like whoaaaa I’m pretty sure that Coco Crunch I stole from Daniel’s bowl has completely been sweated out from my body. This is too cool.

People who came in and out gave me smiles and I felt so accomplished. I’ve never met them before so they have no idea I’m a gym lazybie. This is my chance to pretend I’m a regular at the gym and I know what all the equipments do… that thing over there is for the chest right? (Dean told me later it’s for the legs, so good thing I didn’t go on it.) It’s ok, my gym-goer reputation is still fresh and solid.

So I ran and jogged on the treadmill until the timer said 20 minutes. That’s enough, then. First day, I shouldn’t push it too much. Baby steps. Plus, the people who just stepped in wouldn’t know I’ve only been there 20 minutes.

I left the gym feeling very cool and energized. The feeling after you’ve exercised is the best, isn’t it?

I told Dean, “I think gym could be my next thing. Didn’t I look like a pro in the gym today?”

Dean looked at me up and down, “You still have the price tag on your new sneakers.”

What?! Dang it. So close!