new best friend

October 16, 2015

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I’ve been asked, “What is the one thing you can’t leave your house without?” Honest to God, I can’t leave the house naked-faced. I have reddish skin and because it’s so sensitive I get red marks easily when I’m too hot/too cold/too stressed/too everything. The only way to combat that is a layer of foundation for an even skintone.

I’ve tried SO MANY over the years and a few years back, I stopped after I found that Clinique serves my skin best. They understand sensitive skin and that’s what I needed.

I’ve been using Even Better foundation for years now, I think I’ve safely gone through more than 10 finished bottles already.


Current victim hehe.

But when I got to know about their newly launched foundation, I had to try it. It’s called Beyond Perfecting which is a 2 in 1 foundation + concealer with SPF19/PA++. Double the value! It gives a moderate to full coverage which is awesome if you want a more flawless version of yourself (who wouldn’t want that?!).

I excitedly popped by their counter and got distracted because I didn’t know they have a mens range. *sweet wife moment*

But I quickly went back to focus and tried the new foundation.


Clearly my face was just in awe of this woman’s knowledge of foundations.


Can I take them all please?!


After the lady put on the Beyond Perfecting on me. I was pretty impressed with how light it felt yet it covered everything!

So one thing led to another….


Welcome home new best friend!


Ok so this one comes with its own “magic wand”. The tip is slanted for easy application and one dip is all you need to cover your whole face.



Ok ready to go out now. Hehe.

Ok so smoothen it all round and here’s me with the base.


The foundation lasts for 12 hours, so I’ve got till after dinner before I turn into a pumpkin again!

I’m sure you’ll do an even better job as I’m not very good with makeup! So if a noob like me can do this, you definitely can too. Time to go to the nearest Clinique store.