get me water now

November 24, 2015

We were rushing to go out and I was running really late that Dean was getting annoyed. I got everything for the kids except the last thing; gotta make milk for Mariam! Arghhh no time, I can hear Dean shouting for me from the house entrance. Ok never mind, just grab the empty bottle, the formula powder and run out the door.

True enough, not even 5 minutes into the car ride, Mariam woke up from her nap in my arms. And what does she want? Milk of course!

I was panicking because the restaurant was about half hour away, and I only had powder in the car. Whyyyyyy did I stop breastfeeding whyyyyyyyy, I wanted to kick myself (Of course I had too much pain that I had to stop, not because I simply wanted to). Back then with Daniel, lift up top, silence. Flashbacks of those easier moments did not help out situation in the car.

I was singing to her, dancing her around, peekaboo-ing her, but nothing made her stop crying. And she’s such a good baby that she really doesn’t cry unless she’s realllyyyyy hungry. I felt so bad. All our ears went numb in the car! I totes get it though, I mean, when you’re hungry, you’re hungry ok.

As soon as we got to the hotel lobby, we literally ran to the restaurant where I asked for water so I could make her milk asap. Oh, did they take their time. Stop saying “Certainly, ma’am,” with your nice straight posture, just get me my daughter’s water!!! It came and I sighed of relief. Touched the glass, guess what. It was cold water. -____-“ My mistake for not clarifying, warm water. Finally we got it and I don’t think I’ve ever made milk that fast.

Mariam drank the milk so fast that I even heard her sigh.

Poor girl, seriously!

See how this drama would all have avoided if I could just breastfeed? Mannnn, if you are perfectly capable of breastfeeding without pain or complications, I would highly recommend it. For your sanity and other people in the restaurant’s sanity. *covers face*


Wearing dUCk scarf, top from Poplook for FV (available from XS to 4XL!), pants from aere, all FashionValet.


Mommy loves you, baby girl! Sorry I kept you hungry!