inflight wifi

November 2, 2015

First, they make you go through so many steps to create your online Visa application. Then you have to go for an interview and wait hours without any outside connection to the world… or Instagram. Then you have to pay loadssss of money for a flight ticket where you literally spend 25 hours. Which requires 1 or more transit points. Then you have the crazy jetlag and the massive time difference.

And we still want to go to the US.

*scratch head*

Ok la, let’s call it #determined.

I’m sitting here on the decade-long flight (butt is completely numb), which btw has Wi-Fi! I’m so tempted to click on that big yellow “Get Your Inflight Connection” button dang it.


1 Hour for 12 dollars… 12 times 4ish… about 50 ringgit for internet. I could do a lot in one hour, it’s totally worth it right? *bites lip*

Oh in case you were wondering, I’m drafting this post on Word first sans Internet. I do that for most of my blog posts.

I look around me. Dean is sleeping nicely on his flatbed… man, he’s so handsome. Wonder if people will judge me if I cuddle with him in his seat, I mean we are married, it’s ok, in fact it’s pahala! But wait, focus. Ok, so other people are sleeping too, some watching the inflight entertainment, but no one seems interested in this inflight WiFi. What’s wrong with you people?! Aren’t you curious to know what’s happened in the outside world while we’re thousands of feet up in the air? Gosh… what if there was a world phenomenon that just started? Or a new hipster café that opened? I need to know all these things!

Buy now, think later.

*press yellow button*