mommy and mariam

November 3, 2015

Last week was the first time I took Mariam out, just me, her and her digestive biscuits. Usually, it’s with Dean or with her nanny and almost always with Daniel. But now that Daniel’s in school in the morning, my mornings are all about my little girl now.

Took her for brunch with a girlfriend, and gotta admit, it was a little bit difficult because she wouldn’t sit in the baby chair, and digestive biscuits could only distract so much. So I had to carry her the whole time while trying to finish my mushroom puff, and in the end she fell asleep in my arms.

In the car, I just admired her while she’s all snuggled up to me. Her lips are so pouty, and her skin is just so soft, and she’s just so perfect. She is trying to stand on her own now at 8 months and I love how she babbles and how she crawls to me when I come home. And then Daddy comes and ruins my day (Daddy is her ultimate favourite person, she’s such a Daddy’s girl). Excuse me while I gush over her, but it’s very rare that I get time with just her without brother Daniel trying to steal the limelight. Haha. It really sucks to be the second child!! So I’m going to always be there for her and when we’re at home, I want to always hug her tight and kiss her cheeks. And more of these mommy-daughter dates for sure! No boys allowed. Us girls gotta stick together yeah, Mariam?

I was putting her to sleep and when I fed her bottled milk, I can’t help but miss those times I breastfed her. I wrote about my journey here. It was a short period of time during the confinement and it was pretty tough, but I now understand why breastfeeding is so encouraged because it really brings a special bond between mother and child. It’s like how I was with Daniel; you really have no choice. The only person they want is you so it’s not like the nanny can give them the bottle or your husband can wake up at night while you sleep. It’s always you so your child is so much more attached to you. Gotta admit, best feeling in the world. If you’re breastfeeding your child, hold on to it! Cos once you stop, you can’t go back to it.

To make up for it, I want to make sure I’m always the one giving her the bottled milk. I tend to get lazy if I’m occupied with my phone or laptop, but no more of that. From now on, when I’m with her, it must always be Mommy feeding her. Want to appreciate every moment I have with her. #clingymom