not losing the game

November 27, 2015

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No one said a plain shirt can’t spruce up your outfit. For me, instead of the usual button up and normal pants, I tried the half-tuck look and loosely buttoned with an inner top (can find some here) inside.

Try it!

I’m missing my blog so much right now. So much to write about, and I know I said people who say they “don’t have enough time” are just full of excuses, so I won’t be saying that. But mannnn, the responsibilities of life are really catching up – blogging with a 2 full-on companies, 2 kids, a house to manage (I’ve been cooking a lot for the family and the feeling is super niceeeee – one domestic goddess coming up!) and keeping up with appearances and shoots, is proving to be quite difficult. I’m actually traveling now and I’m writing this from my hotel room before going down for breakfast. BUT NO, I am not going to lose this game! Blog properly sooooon!

Wearing scarf (sold out) from dUCk, shirt (from last season) from Mimpikita, both FashionValet. Pants from Uniqlo, bag from Louis Vuitton, sunnies from Tom Ford and shoes from Celine.