san francisco

November 8, 2015

Dean and I are enjoying ourselves so much that we want to make the US an annual trip for the both of us (kids… what were their names again?). This was meant to be a work trip but we’ve fallen in love with this place, especially the ever lively New York.

We first went to San Francisco to pay a visit to our investors. They were so kind to take us around their hometown and they seemed to know everything; the history of the place, how much real estate in each area costs, which public transport to take, everything! If people came to KL, I’d be like errr yeah KLCC is where people shop… KL tower is where people see the view… Bangsar is where people eat… Mannnnn, note to self: learn about my country history! #sejarahlessonshavegonedownthedrain

San Francisco is a really nice and relaxed place. A lot of low-rise buildings, residential areas, a lot of big fields and parks, people in shorts and t-shirts. Shopping isn’t that great here though, so it might be good for your bank account. :’) (until you get to NY, then you’re screwed.)

Chrissy Field with the view of Golden Gate Bridge

20151101_110948 20151101_111004

We went on this cable car and I’d really recommend it just for experience and also to see the town in a glance. It goes in a round, so you can hop on and hop off and still be able to come back to where you started.

20151102_095950 20151102_100214


Bi-Rite Creamery ice cream is highly recommended! The line is crazy to go in, but it’s worth it.

20151101_133809 20151101_134204 20151101_134633

Union Square is the shopping area.


20151101_172906 20151101_185229

The curved escalator at Westfield is pretty cool. I was so jakun taking pictures of it.

Tony’s pizza. Award-winning pizza that you have to try. The only downside is it’s also a bar, so I felt really out of place in my scarf there (something I wouldn’t really notice back in uni days!). But still, they made me feel welcomed and everyone is so warm there!


Walking along the Pier was really nice but no heels here! Dean made me walk from Pier 1 which was where Ferry Building (below) is, all the way to Pier 39 which is the touristy side. I was really mad at him because he kept saying “No it’s really near, we’re almost there,” when we really weren’t. Made him massage me that night. But actually looking back, it was a really nice walk on a beautiful day.

20151103_080424 20151103_085345 20151103_090106 20151103_090129

This Boudin bakery is really cool because you can actually watch how they make sourdough bread from scratch. The other side is the bistro where you can eat their famous clam chowder and also shop for lots of kitchen whatnots and San Francisco souvenirs. They’ve got baskets of breads moving on a suspension all over the ceiling, and also cute-shaped bread that you can buy. I loved it!

20151103_091758 20151103_092010

20151103_091952 20151103_092316

We were lucky to have been able to enter the Google office in San Francisco and omggg it’s amazing. Hearing about their work culture (free food, free everything, beanbags, pool table, fun stuff everywhere) has always amazed me so this was very exciting for me. I couldn’t take pics but here’s one to share. This is their view from their office. Like seriously, I asked them, “How do you get any work done with a view like that?!!” Amazing!


I only had a couple days there so I couldn’t do much more in SF. There’s China Town, North Beach and a bunch of places I would’ve loved to visit if not for the time constraint. Maybe you can go and fill me in!

What I appreciated most about SF is how relaxed it made Dean and I feel. We were like teenagers walking around at night because it was so safe there, and just enjoying each other. Love was in the air for sure!


We went to Palo Alto where the tech billionaires live and also visited the main Google and Facebook offices. So much to share about that, hopefully in next blogpost!