a decade later

December 15, 2015

Remember my sister’s kids, my Little Nephew and Little Niece? I haven’t written about them in a while but they’re still there, don’t worry! Haha. I’m still very close to them and I’m on Maksu duty all the time what with being forced to listen to dinosaur and robots fighting each other stories. Yawnfest. And also fighting with them to force them to finish up their homework and stopping them from looking at the back of the book for answers. Little Nephew is still his manja and talkative Why-everything self, and Little Niece is the more quiet and mysterious one, but more mature too. It’s the second child syndrome guys, we’re just more awesome (*flips hair*).

The other day, Little Nephew was in the hospital for his sunat session (I dare not look at it because it makes me go all weak in the knees, so scared!) and when my sister sent me his photo in the hospital gown, I went all nostalgic. Sunat already?! He’s becoming a man now and he was just a baby yesterday!!

I remember the time years ago when we were all sleeping at my mom’s and we were all having sahur together downstairs. Since it was really quick, my sister left Little Nephew (who was just a few months old) and left the door open to hear in case he wakes up and cries. Everyone was eating and I suddenly heard a baby crying. No one else heard it, and I insisted that it was Little Nephew crying. I went upstairs, giving my sister a chance to eat, and there he was; our cute little boy crawling in the room floor and looking very scared since he woke up alone. I picked him up and kissed him all over. And that memory of him, I remember so vividly – his face full of tears and him crawling looking for anyone, the white onesie pyjama he had on, and how I hugged him so tight before taking him downstairs where everyone was waiting.

It seemed like that was just yesterday but who knew a decade could pass by so so fast! Now I have another 2 kids of my own! It’s crazy when you think about it huh? That’s why I’m obsessed with taking photos and videos, you need to remember your good moments because time just flies! So start flipping out those cameras and immortalise each beautiful moment with your loved ones.


Baby boy all grown up!