a quick roundup

December 13, 2015

“You haven’t blogged for a week! That’s pretty long for you,” Toots and Asma’ told me yesterday at dinner.

Gosh, believe me, every single night, I keep looking at my Goldilocks on the table just waiting for me to press on the black keys. But mannnn this week has been so so tiring that I can just pass out on the couch. It’s really weird, I was just exhausted. I had non-stop activities from morning to night every single day, and so many things happened that triggered my blogger I-have-to-blog-about-this mode, but either age or my two kids or something seemed to be catching up with me. My mind was riled up to write, but all my body wanted to do was to melt into my soft white fluffy duvet.

Maybe a quick roundup of the week?


Had the store launch with media and people in the fashion industry (response was so overwhelming and people were so so supportive and even said our store looked like Celine and Miu Miu… felt so atas for a moment there). Had a few interviews, can’t wait for them to come out. Went to Great Women of Our Time Award, did not win, but the winner was the CEO of a hugeeeee bank so ummm, I sell clothes? Haha. Countless meeting with designers for their Raya preview presentation (that’s right, we work monthsssss ahead). Gave a speech on entrepreneurship in front of a lot of people for the very first time (almost peed in my pants). Working on our next celebrity collaboration for FV. Joined UberPitch as a judge along with 20 other business icons in Malaysia e.g. Tan Sri Tony Fernandez (super cool and something I will remember forever!). FV is going through our Series B investment funding which involves millions and millions so you can imagine how serious work has been these past few weeks. The other day alone, we had 4 new team members that made me reflect on how big the team has grown from just 3 people before. Oh, and HR hired me my own PA!! I haven’t even had time to really enjoy all of this and take my time to process it all, because there are always so many other things happening at the same time at FV and dUCk.


Forgot to pick Daniel up from school and had to be reminded (seriously need to keep track of time!). He had so many fun things in school that required me to prepare, so in between work, I had to get him a costume for a costume day (Daniel was the cutest snowman the other day!), had to go to 3 different shops to get him a specific water tumbler… man, there will be many more of these, won’t there?! But it’s so rewarding when I pick him up everyday and there’s something he made; a dinosaur, a snowman, a picture of his school trip, and most recently, he painted a pillow case!

Mariam is getting active now and she’s so so cute. She babbles now (swear she said Mamamamama the other day) and the moment she sees Daniel coming home from school, she crawls so fast to the door with a big grin on her face. Mannnnn, that smile can make me forget any worries whatsoever! We’re thinking of enrolling her into Daniel’s school in January when she’ll be 11 months. Is that too soon?

My mom has been so sweet to call me up everyday to ask me how I am, don’t forget to take my supplements, don’t forget to pray etc etc. Today, she called me to tell me about this miracle iron steamer that she saw on GoShop and told me I needed one too. I mean seriously, moms keep us grounded. I can be working my butt off, but hello, every woman needs an iron steamer. Haha.

I’ve been trying to exercise more often. Trying to do 20 minutes on the treadmill everyday, which is tough for someone as lazy as me. On a cute note, Daniel wore my socks the other day and said, “Daniel go gym now.” 


AVA time has been in abundance this week. Toots and Asma’ have slept over 3 nights this week and we’ve been having late nights and early Subuh mornings. Way too much love in the friendship department, but I secretly love it. So much to celebrate about (I’ll share why, soon) and since I’m the one with the kids, they came over instead. Bless emmmm!

I’m trying to juggle it all at home and work, and still update my life journey on social media. Which I think I’m doing pretty well at on Instagram. Quite honestly, I’m having the time of my life right now. Life is so busy and fun, just the way I like it.

Oh, and I turned 28 yesterday! 

This cake from my sister pretty much sums up me these days.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 12.08.58 AM

Happy birthday to meeeeeee!!!!