December 27, 2015

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There was a lady in my apartment building in London. Her name was Aliya. Despite having all the things a girl would want, she was so so kind to her neighbours. She knew I was a student back then, so she kept asking me out for dinner or lunch to treat me. I am a pretty private person (hard to believe huh? Haha.) so I felt a bit uncomfortable at first, thinking what on earth would we have to talk about at dinner. I was only 19, and she was in her 30s. What if it got really awkward? I felt so foolish that I forgot what my religion teaches me; to be kind to your neighbours. Get to know them, and live in harmony. I forgot all that and would have rather not know my neighbours at all.

After trying to avoid her (or anyone in the building, for that matter) in the lift or lobby, I finally had to say yes. We went out for lunch and it turned out to be so so fun. She was much older than me but she and I had so much to talk about. Ever since then, we’d smile and make conversations in the hallway, we’d drop each other messages, and went out a few more times throughout my 3 years in that building. You don’t have to be besties with your neighbours, but it’s good to make an effort and at least know them.

When Love To Dress made a dress called Aliya, I just had to have it. Something in my closet to remember my once-neighbour Aliya, a jovial soul. I’ve completely lost touch with her and I have no idea where she lives now, but she’ll always be one of my happy memories in London.

Now just a reminder to all of us. Go do something nice for your neighbour! 🙂

(If you’re my neighbour, I like brownies. Just sayin’.)

Wearing Vanilla Bean Peachskin dUCk and Love To Dress Aliya dress launching tomorrow on FashionValet online and offline in Bangsar Village.