baking brownies with daniel

December 21, 2015

Had another “first” with my baby boy Daniel today!

WE BAKED!!!!!!!!

So I told Dean that when I watch movies of moms and their kids baking together, playing with icing and slapping some on each other’s noses and giggling, I feel so inspired. In my mind, I wanted the perfect setting; sun shining, a big table where my kids and I would be mixing the dough, and we’d ice the cupcakes real pretty making flowers and all. But seriously, when you put so much pressure on a simple activity, it never happens. Like Dean said to me, if you want to do it, just do it. No need to think about getting sprinkles or baking sheets or a KitchenAid or anything. (Boo to the last one, was really just trying my luck with a KitchenAid. Seems like a cool “furniture” for the kitchen to make me feel better about myself.)

So tonight, I asked Daniel, “Hey, do you want to bake a cake with Mommy?”


Bet you 5 bucks he’d show this much enthusiasm if I said “Hey, wanna fly to the moon?” Kid did not know what I was talking about but was so excited by my excitement.

“Ok cool, let’s do it!”



Ugh ok fine, it’s ugly. Even Daniel looked at me with a WHAT.IS.THIS.MOMMY face.

Self-esteem went down the drain as I looked at this cake (was supposed to be brownies but I’ll change that term to cake after seeing this…). A few metres away is the box that says Betty Crocker. I mean seriously, only I can screw up a store-bought cake mix.


What’s more important is that I taught my son how a cake is made! I might have eliminated any baking skills that he might have had before, and crushed his big bakery dreams, if any… but still… I can proudly say to him Mommy made that. Ok Mommy, and Aunty Betty whoever she is.

And he was so so cute. During the baking, he sat there so excited watching the cake rise. And overall, we had such a fun night. The whole house smelled delicious with the brownies (cake) aroma, we all had cake, and we even played with the batter in the kitchen (Sorry Kak Siti).

20151221_201241 20151221_201324 20151221_202342 20151221_202537

Next up, I’m going to teach him how to make macarons.


I know… he laughed too.