fine dining in kaftan

December 21, 2015

So on my birthday Toots and Asma’ slept over and left this.

20151213_104058 20151213_104051

Of course… of course test me with PATIENCE, the one thing I don’t understand.

I kept asking what is going on, what’s going to happen, I thought we’re done with surprises bla bla. They replied with all sorts ridiculous things, I hate them.

One day, I came home from work and found a dark living room lit with just candles and a beautiful display of flowers and crystals. I thought Dean was going to propose again or something… After a second, I realise what this was. My house was invaded by those two and my surprise was tonight. True enough, few seconds later they appeared from my wardrobe, both head to toe in my clothes (a very expensive Biyan jacket spotted on that very pregnant Toots – take it off now!).

“YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO MESSAGE US BEFORE YOU GOT HOME!!” They got mad at Dean for not giving them a heads-up.

“I did! Check your phone,” Dean defended himself.

“Oh oops… Oh well.” They shrugged. “We’re hungry. Go change into your kaftan and let’s get our fine dining dinner started.”

Little did I know there were three strangers in my kitchen cooking up a storm. Omg private chefs?! I knew it, I am totally a princess today. Love itttttt!

I was treated to a 5-course meal that was literally beautiful plates of culinary art that we all nodded to after each bite, pretending to know what the fancy ingredients were. The most magical part of the night was the end to our meal which was their special dessert; Off the Table. Called that because you literally eat off the table. It was absolutely beautiful watching them create such beautiful work and the whole time, trying to act so classy taking flatlays of the table in my kaftan standing on a chair. (The kaftan was btw torn all the way to my thighs on the sides, so ummm if the private chefs were expecting Classy Clients, the joke was on them!). No but seriously, I felt so so so proud of Malaysia when I watched them do their thing. These were our local graduates from our local uni, guys! They can go so so far and I can’t wait to watch them grow and grow in the culinary world. Check them out at @sugartag.

 The night was just such a meaningful night for me. Toots and Asma’ totally outdone themselves and we promised at the end of the night, this was the last surprise EVER. After this year, everyone gets a cupcake for their birthday and moves on with their lives, please.


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Ya Allah, I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this friendship. These two monkeys make me want to be a better person and a better Muslim every single day, and I am so grateful you united us in the best friendship one can ever get. I am myself with them, and no matter what tests each of us go through in life, the other feels it too. Grant them happiness, grant them health, grant them the best that life can offer. And most importantly, grant them a huge huge mansion in Jannah for you know best, they are exemplary friends that I’m so lucky to have. Please please please, dear Allah, reunite us in Jannah where we can giggle and take flatlays and eat till the cows come home and not get fat. Please keep us, our family and friends and all our loved ones in the right path so we’ll get our happy ending in your paradise. That’s all that matters, at the end of the day.

Editing these photos gave me goosebumps and I admit there were tears in my eyes. Thank you guys for an amazing night. You know me too well. Except my shoe size. 37 guys, not 36 sheesh. #gottagoklcctoexchangenow #imeanthankyou