google malaysia

December 20, 2015

The Googlers of Malaysia invited me to their office. Not just for a tour, but to be in the hot seat of their monthly Ask Me Anything session with their employees. Past invitees were Marina Mahathir and Nazir Razak, and I’m their 5th chosen person in Malaysia. Crazy nerve-wrecking but I thought Ok la free food at their cafeteria… I specifically asked them if they served anything more than salads… They do. Phew. All geared up.

When I sat down in their room, I thought omggg this was the worst day to be in an Ask Me Anything session, right after the huge uproar of Malaysians with our diaper game issue. Ahhh crap, I thought, crawl into that hole quick. The Googlers were allowed to ask me ANYTHING, no holds barred and I had to answer everything with honesty. So as the intimate session started, I opened jokingly, “Ok, if you have any questions that involve pampers, please let’s just get that over with first.” Turned out no one in that room had heard of the controversy!! Seeeeeeee… they work so hard, they don’t even go on Facebook! I was impressed, they’re my new best friends.

I was nervous of the questions they’d ask. They’re really smart people there and here I am, I sell clothes, guys. But phew I survived the session and had a lot of fun actually. I might even consider doing this at FV for the FV team, invite personalities to come and be in the “hot seat”.

After the session, I was given a tour of the office. I couldn’t take a picture of the working area (they have massage chairs and a section of a Kelisa in there where you can lie down, soooo cool!). The office was very much localised, with meeting rooms named “Nasi Lemak” and “Merdeka” and “Rilek la”, and elements of batik and places like Jonker Walk were apparent. The interior was so detailed and every wall seemed to have been thought through with some kind of element on them. Nothing was left bare.

Here are my jakun pics:


20151218_165335 20151218_175329 20151218_175634 20151218_175214 20151218_175120 20151218_175951 20151218_180012 20151218_174226 20151218_174309_001 20151218_175656

If I worked at Google, this will be the room they’ll fire me in. Haha. #scaryboardroom

It was a great experience! Thank you guys for having me in your super cool office, and thank you Izuan for being such an awesome host. #hidupgoogle