metallic top

December 29, 2015

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If someone told me I would wear a metallic top, I’d be like no way I could never pull it off. Then a sweet brand like aere makes it and I’m like… hmmmm, let’s give this a shot. You don’t have to style it like a rockstar. Gold goes well with orange/coral, and I found these culottes in my closet… TA-DAAAA!

What I love about this brand is that it’s always so functional. The zips can be opened, some top and bottom parts can be detached, some skirts can be closed or opened, and some pieces can be worn front to back, back to front, inside out, everything! This top can be worn as a jacket if you turn it back to front. Gotta give it to Raja Nadia Sabrina (Sab, I call her) for thinking of all sorts of ways to be creative with her designs so that us wearers find even more value in it. I’ve seen her work and trust me, she really devotes everything she has into aere. And look where the brand is now, winning awards and things. It’s crazy what she’s done in just a year.

Always happy to support someone as nice and genuine as her. People like her don’t come by very often, and I truly mean this with all my heart.

Wearing Orange Fizz dUCk scarf, top from aere, culottes from FV BASICS, watch from CLUSE and bracelets from Stackables Inc., all from FashionValet. Shoes from Dolce & Gabbana, bag from Dior.