my dinner buddy forever

December 1, 2015

I answered a set of interview questions today and one of it was “If you could dine with someone, who would it be?”

I tried so hard to think of a famous figure or anyone that could excite me, but seriously no one came to mind! Celebs, prime ministers, fashion designers? Yeah all are great, but to actually have dinner and sit and small talk for 2 hours… nah sokay, let’s just whatsapp, I really can’t be bothered to dress up and go out. Haha.

The only face that really popped up to me was Dean’s face.


It’s crazy how much time we spend together at work and at home, but there is no one I’m more comfortable being myself with than him. The worst days with seafood allergy on my face, legs as hairy as his, eating potato chips with crumbs on my belly… to the best days when I have less body hair and less crumbs, phew, I want no one else to see but him.

It’s not just about love, to be honest, it’s also about friendship. It’s the kind of thing you can imagine yourself laughing and growing old together, even when you’re 80 and trying to help each other get up from your wheelchairs. He really is my best friend and we can talk for hours about nonsense because he just comes up with the randomest things when we’re having meals. One recently in China was this. And bear in mind that we were looking so serious while discussing this that you would have thought we were discussing business strategies.

“If you could live either in the sea, or in space, which would it be?”

I take these questions seriously. “Why, what happened to our land?”

“No la, nothing happened. Land never existed. Just either sea or space. Which would you choose?”

“Oh man.. this is tough.. this is really tough…” I pondered, while Dean rolls his eyes.

“Come on, pick one!”

“I don’t know, I can’t decide. You? What would you pick?” The competitive side of me wanted to know his answer first.

“I asked you first.”

“Ok ok.. hmm… I’m scared of the sea because fishes might come lick my ears when I’m sleeping… but I’m afraid of getting lost in space and I’ll end up alone wailing and flying around aimlessly…”

“So how?”

“Ok wait.. which has nicer cafes?”

“What, why does that matter?!”

“Of course it matters! I need to know if I’d like the food there.”

“Ok fine. They both have equally nice cafes you can chill at.”

“Ok cool.. but I guess I’m more scared of the Earth erupting and volcanoes and stuff from the crux of the Earth. So while that happens, I’d rather be floating around watching from above, to be honest. So ok, I pick space.”

“Oh, you’re not scared of asteroids coming at you in space?”

I stopped to think. “Oh mannnn. Now I gotta rethink all over again!”

The randomest conversations, seriously.

And btw I still haven’t decided on my future living arrangements.