toots’ baby shower

December 17, 2015

Ok. I know some of you are waiting for this, so yessss I will speak up and explain the incident last week that has gone viral beyond my imagination.

So we threw a baby shower for Toots because she’s due soon. And we played gross games, drank out of milk bottles and laughed and had loads of fun with her. And then we also had the diaper game which was where all the controversy started. My picture on instagram and also another picture of Alia and Toots from Alia’s instagram were distributed around and people headlined things like “Generation these days, they eat from diapers” making it sound like we ate chicken rice out of the diapers, “just to be different”. All of them were in Malay so obviously it hit the Malay target group which found this so so interesting and they decided to bash us like mad. Especially Toots and it just got wayyyy personal.

I didn’t read any of the articles sent to me, but I was told that they even argued that baby showers are haram and we are the worst Muslims ever. I’m not sure which part of that event shook my faith. I am still very much Muslim, I still pray and I still believe in Allah swt. To me, that was a gathering of good friends which strengthened our silaturrahim. And the giving of gifts to a mom-to-be, useful gifts that she will use when the baby comes like clothes and swaddles. We all left the baby shower feeling happy with a stronger friendship and most importantly we lifted up the mood of a very pregnant friend of ours. Which part of that is unislamic?

Anyway, gossip sites loved this of course. Picked it up, and Malaysians who cannot accept the diaper game or the baby shower bashed us using Islamic “advice” with phrases like “God is great” and “you guys should be punished in hell” in the same sentence. They also said things like people can’t afford diapers and instead of using them as props, we should donate. Thing is, we do! Some of us, especially Toots and Asma’, do so much charity to help others donating more than just diapers, but we didn’t think we had to clarify that and show it off.

Ok, quite honestly for me personally, I was shocked at how it went so viral, but I also expected that kind of response from the mass. So I just let it go. But it got to a point where they said bad things about Toots like “I hope your baby comes out looking like faeces” and “Stop breeding” and “The baby is so unlucky to have you as a mother”, which I felt ok…. these righteous people are really just freely writing down sins in their own logbooks (and quite frankly donating their pahala’s to us and Toots, so umm thanks?).

So as a best friend, and as a public figure, I had to say something to clear the air. Of course, there’s no such thing because people will love the juicier news, but I had to for my own conscience anyway. I owed it to my followers to not just ignore the issue.

Screenshot_2015-12-17-10-05-29 Screenshot_2015-12-17-10-05-33

Of course a gossip site yesterday took it and translated it to Malay. They left out some sentences and twisted some meanings and basically made me sound like a moron. But there’s no point arguing because people love tabloids and whatever you do to clarify, it’s just not interesting to them. They want more controversies to fuel their excitement, so at this point, we have all agreed to let it go. In good view of them, I will just treat it that they thought they translated it correctly and did not understand some words. Like “We’re made of some tough stuff, so it’s fine” they translated to “Saya sedar saya telah melakukan kesilapan besar”…. ummm, guys? How to help them?

Ok so that’s all I’m going to say about the issue. If the public still wants to talk about it, I won’t judge how they want to spend precious time they can’t get back. That’s their choice. I have done a lot of sins, I could do with some more free pahala from them anyway!

I just wanted to blog because I wanted to remember her shower in a positive light and how extremely beautiful it was! We made everyone “pregnant” with balloons so Toots feels better haha. And we even even played this one game that was so fun which was Iyra’s idea – everyone is given one pin to wear. No one is allowed to say the word “baby” throughout the whole event, if that person says it you can take her pin. So people will go around talking and the sneaky ones (i.e. me and Amy) will try to dig the word out of people to collect more pins. It forces us to talk and it was so much fun. You should try it!

Sharing some pictures with you:

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We love you, Toots!!!!

You know, guys, when she first told Asma’ and I that she was pregnant, she added it with a “Please don’t spread it around because I don’t want to rub my happiness in people’s faces.” That’s why I never announced it until umm she couldn’t hide it any longer haha. But you see, that’s the kind of person she is. Such a thoughtful one, a rare one.

We pray you have a smooth delivery and can’t wait to see our little Asviji.

#asmavivyajjie #geddit?

(Please don’t think I wrote this post in response of or to fight back with the gossip sites, or to get you guys to agree or whatever. I’m not. I’m just honouring my best friend, that’s all. Hope you understand.)