back to work in 2016

January 6, 2016

Got woken up so many times throughout the night (Mommyhood = bye-bye sleep) but the good thing is that you’ll be up early so you can blog! Oh how I miss having lots of time to blog like how I did in uni.

I was in Singapore these past few days and thought I could blog there but I underestimated my schedule there. It was so full-on from morning until night, and when we’d get back to the hotel, the team would meet again and brainstorm/discuss until way past 1 am. Weird that we didn’t even feel tired there, but when we got back… fuhhh I was yawning back to work, and Dean’s eyes were red and puffy from the lack of sleep.

BUT Singapore trip was seriously worth it. It was probably one of my most productive business trips yet! The purpose of it was to build the team from scratch and scout for locations for a physical store for FashionValet (2nd one after Bangsar Village) and I think you can expect us there more often from now on. It’s pretty scary starting from ground zero but I don’t know why I have such a good feeling about FV Singapore. It gets me so excited and it was the same feeling I had when we started FV here 5 years ago. Wish us luck!

When we got back, it was our first official day in 2016 with the Malaysian team so I made everyone wear white for a family photo. We all looked virginal for the start of 2016, hehe.

IMG-20160105-WA0017 IMG-20160105-WA0018

We had 8 new people that joined FV yesterday and the group chat is getting pretty full! It’s quite surreal when I pass the newer team members in the office and not remember their names because that’s not the kind of boss I want to be, but man it’s getting pretty tough when we have new faces every so often.  I almost get heart palpitations when I sign off salaries for the Group every end of month because the number just keeps growing but our finance manager laughs saying I have to get used to numbers like that. Man, how times have changed since 5 years ago. Dean and I have a full-fledged company now and the stakes are even higher for us. And don’t worry, we will never take it for granted. Here’s to an even better 2016! May all of us hit our targets this year!!