hair tips for hijabis

January 17, 2016

My hair has been falling off like rain lately because it’s getting too long. And I almost gasped when I tried to think when was the last time I went to a salon. Oh wow I’m gross. I really haven’t been paying any attention to my hair these past few months and wearing the headscarf, it’s easy to take it for granted. Especially when I’m saving so much money not spending at the salon hehe. Pre-scarf, I was there so much getting dolled up for events, or touching up my roots, or trimming. And I’d take so long to get ready to go anywhere. Dean was probably the happiest person ever when I decided to cover up because I don’t have to worry about my hair anymore.


After Mariam, my hair loss is really bad that I’m balding guys, balding! *cries blood* So I chopped it all and now I have short shoulder length hair and I loveeeeee it! It’s just tousled a bit and I wish I could show it off to you guys but there are male readers so nvmmmm. But basically, I’m feeling Emma Stone at the Golden Globes but just you know, without the red hair, or green eyes, or the nice dress, or the make up, or the styling…. and not as tall… and I’m Asian. Ok fine, I look nothing like her. But give chance for me to love my new hair la ha?

I also changed my shampoo to the special care ones and some tonic bottles to prevent hair loss. I didn’t really want to buy the latter but the lady just kept going on and onnnn that I just wanted to shut her up. Saleswomen like these…. so clever with their in-your-face method and telling you that you’ll go bald if you don’t buy it. Effective strategy, I must say. I bagged ten of those tonics.

Anyway, on to healthier haircare now for 2016. (On top of the other ten healthy resolutions I told myself I’d make.. being a woman is hard, man!)


 Some general tips for hijabis whose hair hasn’t seen the world in a while:

Don’t tie your hair too tight –  It will pull your hair even more from the roots leading to damage and hair loss.

Don’t ever wear your scarf with wet hair – look, I’ve been there. Rushing like mad, late for work and no time for blowdry. But this is a really bad habit because your hair doesn’t have any space to dry inside your inner and scarf. My hair stylist kept going on and on about this saying that’s the reason why hair loss happens, when your hair isn’t properly dried. It’s not so much about the ends, but it’s the scalp that is the most important to remain dry.

Once home, the hijab comes offfff sistaaaa! – It’s party time! Let your hair breathe whenever you get the chance to. And this means when you’re home. Even if you have to go out again in a bit, just do it. It’s good to air your hair as much as you can. Take it off and shake it off like you’re a Pantene hair commercial talent.

Have loads of inners – how can you wear the same inner again the next day? That’s not ons. Inners are like underwear, you cannot repeat them. The whole day the inner is covering your hair collecting any dead skin and dandruff and make up stains. So please, collect inners too because they’re actually way more important than your hundreds of scarves. Also, choose the breathable material like cotton. Never lycra please. I’m not being biased here, but dUCk makes really good inners precisely because I am very particular about hygiene. So load up whenever we have restock, you won’t regret it.

Don’t shy away from salons – I’m learning now to have regular trims and treatments maybe every other month. Just because you cover your hair for the sake of your religion, doesn’t mean you have to not show love for it. Some TLC is always good, whether it’s at the salon or simply just at home.