hello 2016

January 1, 2016

This was my view as I entered 2016.


A beautiful silhoutte to symbolise the bond between father and son, both of whom happen to be the heroes in my life (besides my dad of course). In our pyjamas, we were standing eagerly to show Daniel the new year fireworks. Daniel was in awe, mouth opened and all. And kept saying, “Not finish yet?” which made us laugh. Mariam was fast asleep at home and we didn’t want to wake her. But we thought Daniel could cheat a bit and stay up past his bedtime (he was more than happy to do so. -___-“). He fell asleep soon after in Dean’s arms, and I stood there next to them and gave Dean a kiss. He had that same look I had, that happiness from such a blessed life, and gratitude to God for allowing us another year in this world.

Today we woke up smiling with Mariam in our bed jumping around for attention. Her smile as we opened our eyes, ahhhh melts anyone! We had meals with both sides of the family (breakfast and dinner) and I was so thankful I could spend the first day of 2016 with our loved ones. But more importantly, I made two people very happy today. My maids. Their birthdays are 31 Dec and 1 Jan. I swear, they make these things up haha, but hey saves me from having to buy two cakes! We took them out for a birthday lunch at an Indonesian restaurant where they could feel at home, sent them shopping in the morning, and in the evening they hung out at KLCC taking photos of the towers and the park (their ootds kick my ootds’s butt). We sang for them, and Daniel blew out the candles on their cake (typical stealing-thunder), and as they hugged me, they teared a bit saying they felt so touched and loved. I kept my cool, but inside, I was tearing too. How simple it is to make someone happy, and how we sometimes overlook the people closest to us. They might just be employees to some households, but to me, they’re my family. God bless these souls who sacrifice to take care of a family, in order to provide for theirs at home that they left behind. Money isn’t the answer to everything, so on their birthdays, I pray that God fills whatever emptiness they have in their hearts from missing their loved ones with happiness and contentment, and at the end of the day, grant them heaven for being so selfless in their noble jobs.

It was a fulfilling day for me, and definitely a good start to 2016! Happy New Year to all my blog readers. Here’s to another year of awesomeness, a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, but most importantly, of self-improvement always.