home alone

January 30, 2016

I haven’t been home alone in the longest time! The kids are at the grandma’s, Dean’s at the gym and I’m here chomping on cut jambu and watching the Kardashians. I had a rough week with lots of issues at work so it’s nice to let loose and put my feet up for an hour or so. Cleaned my wardrobe a bit, had my makeup done for an event tonight, took a bunch of selfies, had some biscuits in peace.


Very productive, as you can see.

Was fun for the first half hour, and now I keep looking around because it’s so quiet! Where’s Mariam whining to ask us to walk her around? Where’s Daniel fighting me for my phone so he can watch videos? Where’s Dean cuddling me on the couch?

Just this morning, I was sighing that they keep me up all night (Mariam and Daniel still wake up at least once every night). And now, I really miss them! Women, we’re confusing aren’t we?

Hope you’re having a nice long weekend, everyone!