i don’t like her already

January 18, 2016


Everyday when I pick Daniel up from school, I’ll have a quick lunch with him and ask him about his day. He’s very shy with people and he’s still getting used to a lot of the kids in school (still finding it a challenge because he likes to sit with just the teacher and won’t join the other kids). Everytime I ask him, he’ll say he coloured, he played in the garden, he sang etc, but he never mentions the other kids. He remembers all their names though, when I pointed to his class photo. But there isn’t one that he’s particularly close to.

He just started his second semester last week and I was so shocked when he answered my usual question in an animated manner.

“Today, Daniel play with Jason, Caitlyn and bla bla. I colour. I play with elephant toy. I eat rice.”

“Ooooohhh you played with your friends?”

“Yes, Daniel play with friends.”

“Oooooh what did you do with them?”

“We play outside. In garden. Jason play slide with Daniel, and Caitlyn also play with Daniel.”

“Ooooohhh did you have fun?”

“Yes!” he answered looking very happy.

“Do you want to go to school tomorrow?”


“Oooohhh that’s great, baby!!”

I was so happy to learn that he’s making friends, hence a lot of Ooooohhh’s in every sentence.