112 months

February 14, 2016

“Dinner reservation is at 6pm. Be ready at 5.30pm ok, baby?”

I knew it.

This has last minute written all over it.

It was our monthlyversary today and you guys know how we celebrate those haha. 112 months today woohoo! What sucks is that today is also Valentine’s Day so restaurants would be fully booked (hence why we had to have early dinner) and prices would be hiked like mad (well, sucks for Dean, doesn’t make a difference to me haha).

We went to a restaurant that overlooked the KL skyline, and literally everyone else there was a couple. If I was one of the waiters and I just had a bad break up, I would really spill something on them just for fun. Love was in the air tonight.

“So these are the faces of other last minute guys?”

“Nooooo. These are the faces of guys who love¬†their wives but want to watch the Arsenal football match at 8,” before adding, “Eat fast fast ok?”

Courses came one by one and Dean and I had very intelligent discussions as usual; what will happen to those couples outside if it rained tonight, why our food portions were so tiny, why do they need such big plates for mini food, how come that couple there aren’t talking to each other, what do you think they’re fighting about. Really kepoh¬†people, we were. We had so much fun guessing which couples were married and which weren’t; one guy pulled out the chair for the girl, and we assumed¬†they were not married yet. And we both laughed because there was one time when I asked Dean to be a gentleman and open the door for me and he asked, “Why, your hands broken ah?” Confirm married already like that.

20160214_184612 20160214_185702 20160214_190545_001 20160214_192509

We also concluded that fine dining restaurants save so much money on ingredients. Like seriously, the “cucumber salad” was as big as my thumb and I really think they only needed ONE whole cucumber to make dishes for everyone¬†in the room tonight. And when our main courses came (wagyu tenderloin and roasted cod), Dean and I burst out laughing because sorry guys not that we’re not grateful, but they were so small that when the waiter left, Dean turned to me and said “Come on sayang, eat your fish nugget while I enjoy my beef nugget.” BAHAHAHAAH. Ok but jokes aside, food was delicious though. And the night went on with more laughter between us and more stories and dreams shared. We were probably the loudest in the restaurant, and¬†as usual, the most embarrassing ones.

20160214_183524 20160214_183936 20160214_183531 20160214_194038

The waiter¬†did not care for¬†me or clear pictures. -__-“

At the end of the night, I just felt so much gratitude. It doesn’t matter if we were in fine dining restaurants surrounded by the poshest things, or we chilling¬†in McDonald’s wearing sneakers, no matter where and when, I am always myself with Dean. And he is always himself with me. There is never a dull or pretentious moment and sometimes I feel like I’m living in a dream with him. I looked around the room and I was sad to realise that some of the¬†couples there were sitting up straight, having the best food etiquette but I didn’t see them laugh (or speak to each other) at all. Some¬†guys¬†looked forced to be there and the girls were busy selfie-ing, and that made me a bit sad (also told myself to never take selfies of myself in public anymore, doesn’t look good guys hahahaha). Love should always be sparked in marriages and your spouse should be your bestest friend you tell everything to and laugh about everything with. Of course it’s easier said than done because every couple’s dynamics is different, but one thing we should strive to maintain; Never stop communicating with each other. Nobody’s got it perfect, we all gotta work on keeping the love alive.

In the car, I turned to Dean and said, “Hey, thank you for marrying me.”

He squeezed my hand and smiled at me, “Thank you for marrying me.”

The sweetness ended there though. It’s 8pm now and Arsenal is playing therefore Dean can’t remember my name anymore. But I’m here next to him on the couch and honestly…. I’m right where I want to be.

Thank you, God.