chicken floss rolls

February 16, 2016

Don’t you just hate it when you’ve discovered the best mee kari/restaurant/char key teow/gummy bears/insert any dish and then your friend tells you it’s not halal?


There’s this new thing I’m obsessed with; chicken floss rolls. It’s soooooo ridiculously yummy that I kid you not, I have it with me when I’m watching TV/replying emails/in the car/insert any activity and a few seconds later, I’ve eaten half the thing. I found it at BIG supermarket and ever since then, no trip to the supermarket was complete without one of it following me home.

Like just chomp, chomp, chomp, crunch, crunch, crunch.

And then this:


That night Asma’ told me, I had bought TWO new tubs sitting so pretty on my kitchen counter. Oh my heart. Obviously, there’s no negotiating; if there’s even a bit of doubt it’s not halal, we don’t eat it.

“Why do you look so upset?” Dean asked me that night as I dragged myself to the toilet to brush my teeth before sleep.

“That stupid chicken floss roll isn’t halal. I just bought more and it’s so good and now I can’t eat it. You know why it’s upsetting? Cos it’s always prawn rolls that you find in shops. I’m allergic to those. And I can just watch people eat them in front of me in envy. And these are chicken. I finally can eat these yummy rolls without getting rash all over my face. Do you know how hard it is to find chicken floss rolls? Where can I get halal chicken floss rolls?”

Dean, probably regretted asking the question, just stared at me silly. I don’t think that was the answer he expected from his question.

Ok so really, I just wasted 3 minutes of your time reading this post. But seriously, does anyone know where I can buy chicken floss rolls?