missing the kids

February 10, 2016

I seriously don’t know how I managed to do the States for 10 days (which I still haven’t blogged about teehee, now it’s basi already) because I’m really missing the kids :(((((

I’m in Jakarta now and the whole night last night, I was scrolling through videos of them and thinking about cuddling them so tight. Even this big hotel room with the super plush pillows and duvet can’t distract me. Maybe a sale at Chanel might help… but no wait, focus. I MISS MY CHILDREN.

I’ve been bugging Kak Siti to send me photos of them every few hours.


So camera-ready. #not

Did I mention this is only a one-night work trip?

Hehe. #drama

No matter how much you enjoy working, being on work trips is never easy for a parent. Just gotta be strong, focus on being productive here and looking forward to go home to the kids.