toots is a mom!!!!!

February 6, 2016

I haven’t written here for a week! Sorry for the silence (pretty long for me!), I just had such a crazy week; both babies had the flu, and then I got the flu, I went on work trips, I had the biggest fight with my sister (we love each other again now)… and I’m doing something I’m not very good at; babysitting!


On the 15th last month, a beautiful baby boy cried his first tears (very loudly) in a delivery room in KL. His name is Musa and he happened to be a huge baby at 3.6kg (I dieeeee). With his existence, he gave Toots the title of Ibu.

Ohhh we were so excited. Toots was in so much pain that she could not even hold her phone so I got her updates from her hubs, sister and mom. They sent me pictures of her and I just teared. Can’t believe my best friend was in labour at that very moment. I wanted to be there so badly, but I had a magazine shoot that I committed to and couldn’t get out of. After we got our shots, I zoomed in an Uber straight to the hospital. By that time, Musa was out and Toots looked as radiant as ever, despite having pushed a huge watermelon-size baby out (respectttt!).

Three weeks later, here I am shuttling back and forth her place while she’s on pantang (confinement)… I may or may not have snuck in with me some sinful non-pantang food for her to eat quietly in her room. Today, our hubs have things to do so it’s just me and her in the home with our kids. Feels so nice, just like old times when we’d watch movies in her living room and eat maggi on individual trays. Well, if you minus these screaming kids around us right now. Haha.

I’m watching her getting her urut and tungku now, with some chick flick on TV and a sleeping Musa by my side.

18 years of friendship, watching each other evolve into women, wife, and now mom. This feels so surreal, but so beautiful. Well… as beautiful as watching a sleep-deprived new mom can get. Muahaha.

While Mommy rests, let’s welcome Musa into this world!