week roundup

February 27, 2016

I just finished swimming with Dean and the kids and now am waiting for my chicken soup to boil (homemade yawww!). My heart feels so at peace and I just feel so happy and complete right now. We’re all freshly showered and spending time together.


These past few weeks have all just been about work work work. It’s absolutely crazy, even my teammates are like Vivy are you ok? And it’s come to a point that I just don’t reply messages on my phone anymore because I have so much work to do.


To blog about each one in detail would be too long, so lemme just give you snippets.


We had a blackout in the office the other day, and the whole stretch of buildings on our row were affected. We were all so annoyed because we couldn’t send out orders and customer emails were piling up. Since we couldn’t do anything while waiting for management office to fix it, we all came together and manually process out orders and the warehouse team were working with flashlights. Now I can laugh about it, but seriouslyyyyy I feel so so proud to see the team coming together and helping one another. It was an eye-opener for me to see this beautiful teamwork.

IMG-20160212-WA0104 IMG-20160212-WA0106

This was just a row of us writing out order details. We were all sweating buckets since it was so stuffy and there was no electricity! Haha. #roughingitout


I am filming for this one programme and I reallyyyyy want to tell you what it is because I’m so so excited. But I can’t! So till then. (This is a pretty useless fact, but basically this is taking a lot of my time haha)




My sister gave birth!!! I’m a Maksu to another beautiful soul. More about this later because this deserves its own blog post.



I GAVE A TALK!!! With my wobbly legs and nervous voice, I gave a talk in front of 200 students in LimKokWing. I write better than I speak, I am very very nervous when on stage with a microphone. But Iman (seriously I NEED to introduce her on this blog soon, it’s pretty funny our relationship) said I need to come out of my comfort zone and do this. She and Dean prepped me and guess what, WE ALL SURVIVED!!

IMG-20160223-WA0053 IMG-20160223-WA0058 IMG-20160223-WA0062


Went to Singapore for a 2-day trip. The first day was all FV things, meetings, visiting warehouse, team dinner and meeting up with some top brands there. The second day was all for dUCk because we are launching our next Skyline dUCk, which is the Singapore dUCk scarf. I’m so excited, the media all came for us and they seemed excited too. Alhamdulillah for everything.

IMG-20160225-WA0033 IMG-20160225-WA0037 IMG-20160225-WA0045


Meetings to finalise Raya collections from all designers.

20151124_161044 20151208_104225 20151209_122625 20151214_112233 20160203_133846 20160226_135707

Some BTS pics from my meetings.

This one has been going on for months now, can you believe it. We’re not even close to Ramadhan yet haha but that’s how it is in the fashion industry. Every collection has to be made months in advance. This one is pretty tiring because I have to make sure designers all don’t clash, give my honest opinions to their collections and our budgeting is done correctly etc, I’ve been working closely with the buying team for this. But I’m happy to announce that the line-up of designers that we have this year at FV is SO FREAKING EXCITING. Big names, new names, you’ll love it. The first one is actually happening next week on the 4th of March at our FV store in Bangsar Village. I can’t reveal who yet but you haveeeee to come ok! It’s THE biggest collaboration in the fashion industry this year.


We have a new website layout! After brainstorming with the team, we all gave our ideas and finally… TA-DA!!! I’m so so happy with it and we have a size availability feature on the page so that you can see if your size is there without having to go into the page.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 6.25.24 PM Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 6.24.50 PM


I had a cover shoot for Hijabista magazine. This is my second cover with them and I’m so so honored. I love their shoots because it’s really wild and super crazy (my normal everyday look obviously doesn’t cut it because it’s too simple). Can’t wait till it comes out!

IMG-20160222-WA0080 IMG-20160222-WA0110 IMG-20160222-WA0145


In the meantime, my cover for Hijab Fesyen magazine came out this week!


On top of all those, there are the normal everyday things in the office; ups and downs. We had a customer complaint the other day who wrote it on social media and made me have a serious talk with the team to change up our processes, we had a new FV staff who resigned but we later found out he went back to a competitor which was heartbreaking, we had boxes and boxes of old stock that we needed to clear because we are moving warehouse soon and changing up the whole inventory system. But hey, it’s a learning process every day! On a personal level, I was feeling down because I couldn’t visit Toots much and just whatsapping her didn’t make me feel like a very good best friend. Also, Daniel peed in the car because he couldn’t hold it in any longer when we were on the way home, and it was such a stressful day at work that day so I was exhausted. The highs are there obviously, we hit our sales target (wooohooo!), the store is doing well, our expansion to Jakarta and Singapore seem to be looking good, we found out one of our oldest colleagues is pregnant (we all kinda knew, she eats A LOT lately), we’re closing another round of investment soon, we closed a couple of collaboration deals for the year, and we found a good location for our new warehouse. On a personal level, Daniel and Mariam obviously keep us entertained every morning and every night and Mariam just turned 1 so it was definitely an eventful week for me. I lost 2 kilos!

On Mariam’s birthday, Dean and I cleared our schedule and we just focused on her solely. Put every other issue on pause while we admired this beautiful soul God gave us as a daughter. Went for brunch while Daniel went to school and Mariam seemed to enjoy the attention… and her own plate of fries haha.


Yesterday, I slept sooooo soundly I think I didn’t even move in my sleep. So tired, but you know me, this busy-ness is what thrills me.