wet pants

February 8, 2016

I try to blog about the small small everyday things that happen with the kids so that when they grow up, they have a life journal here. It’s getting difficult to find the time, but I always preach that we can make time, so I’m going to do as I preach!

So Daniel’s all potty-trained now, and some kids take potty training very easily, but Daniel took months! Maybe because we weren’t consistent and still cheated with diapers when we go out so he got confused. But it’s not like we had a choice because he ummm had some accidents in public places including one fine dining restaurant where I can never show my face at again. Oh Daniel.

But he’s gotten so good now after I retrained him a month ago (bribed him with M&M’s after each successful potty session – why didn’t I just do this from the start -___-“). No accidents yet! Until today.

It was just one of those days where everything was delayed and everytime we were ready to go out or do something, something came up.  Forgot something at home, someone came as soon as we were going out, people not picking up the phone, ada je something! I was getting pretty annoyed but told myself to be patient. One last stop before going home – needed to buy milk and diaper at the supermarket.

On the way there with a full car of people, Daniel looked at me.

“Mommy, I want to peepee.”

“Oh no no, wait Daniel! We find a toilet at the supermarket k? Wait a few minutes please baby?”

“Ok, Mommy,” he said clutching me tight.


We were just turning into the supermarket area when Daniel looked at me again, “Mommy, I want to peepee please.”

“Ok ok wait, Daniel. Just a few —“

And there it happened… a warm gross yet familiar feeling on my lap (he was sitting on me). NOOOOOOO! I don’t know why but my reflex just basically cupped his crotch hahahahaha maybe I thought I could catch his pee in my hands? -__-” So I was drenched, my hands were wet and his pants were wet. Ew ew ew ew ew ewwwwww! It was so so gross that I immediately wanted to scold him.

I opened my mouth to say something to Daniel, but I just didn’t have the heart to. He looked at me looking so so guilty and with a soft voice looking down… “I’m sorry, Mommy.”


My heart just melted to the ground. How can you scold a child who was trying so hard to hold it in but just cannot anymore? This is every Mom’s dilemma; trying to discipline vs feeling bad scolding them.

And so we rushed home, no milk, no diapers, just two people with wet pants.


Wearing Mauve Jersey dUCk, FV BASICS pants and Nelissa Hilman flats, all from FashionValet.

I’m keeping this blogpost for when I want things from Daniel in the future. “Hey, remember that time you peed on Mommy?”…..