beef curry

March 12, 2016

Guys… guys… GUYS!


Good. I need your attention because I’m about to show off proudly.

I made…



I made that. These two hands, guys, *holding my palms up proudly*, they made all that.

I mean, COME ON… Kari tulang is what you get at restaurant menus as their Tuesday-special kind of thing. That’s the level of exclusivity. If you go on Monday, you no get kari tulang ok.

While I get Iman to call Astro to have me my own cooking show called Vivy Can Cook, I’m going to share the recipe here. Dean asked me to make this 2 days in a row, so either it was so bad that he wanted to give me a second chance, or it was so good that he genuinely wanted more. I choose to believe the second one, of course. For those who’ve never made it, I recommend you do it cos the feeling is so fulfilling you can cancel your whole schedule for the day because you need to spend time admiring your dish. For those of you who make it all the time, go away.


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A mix of beef cubes and beef ribs, onions, ginger, garlic, curry powder, curry leaves, potatoes, coconut milk and the spices combination thingy (kayu manis and whatnot) that I stole from mil’s house.

First, heat up oil in a pot and fry that kayu manis thingy. Then add the onion, ginger and garlic. When they have browned (was so close to burning them hehe), add the curry powder and leaves.

Once the minyak dah naik (noooo idea what this means… I just bantai), add all the beef and mix thoroughly.


Add water.


Put to low heat and cover the pot. Leave for 45 mins or so to soften the beef.

Your house will smell soooo good and you’ll think you’re done. But no wait, add the potatoes.


Add coconut milk, keep on stirring and taste. Add salt if needed.



Of course, a ritual now; leave your family hungry for a little longer so you can take the perfect home cooked dinner flatlay.


A little thing I did that I think worked; add some sugar to balance the spice, and I also mixed the beef curry powder with a spoonful of fish curry powder too. Thought I invented some Einstein curry move, but later found out that some other people do this too. Broke my heart.

The whole house still smells so delicious now, that I purposely left my home door open to impress my neighbours. Tomorrow, I’ll raise my eyebrows at them like yeah I totally cooked that thing you smelled, no big deal, autographs later.

So today I went to the supermarket. Since I bought the same thing 2 days in a row, I walked up to the butcher section, all confident and cheerful, “What’s up, guys! Can I get the usual please?” looking around to see if the other women there heard me. I’m a regular here, after all.

The guys looked at me, funny. “Sorry Miss, what?”

What the… you cut my meat yesterday! Thought we were friends, dude.