mariam’s first steps

March 23, 2016

If you’re following my Instagram, you would know that….

I cook all the time now… *blows nails*

But no… not always about me…

…well, not this time anyway…

You would know that…


*throws confetti everywhere weeeee weeeeeee weeeeee!*

*picks confetti up one by one after I realise she’s going to tear the house down now that she can walk*

Her first steps that she took from point A to point B without falling off were in the playground. Was a week after her first birthday. She was so excited seeing other kids play that she started walking out of nowhere! Peer pressure maybe? It was so cute. But you know the sad part? Dean and I had to watch it from our phones because it happened when she was with her nannies. Dean and I were at work and we missed Mariam’s first steps.


But it’s ok. I made peace with it after I realise it’s not like she’s not going to walk again. And I gotta thank Kak Siti for capturing the moment from her latest-model-smartphone (I pay her too much, I think) because at least she thought to share it with Dean and I.


As for me, I can always create my own “first” with her. And that’s exactly what I did.

We took so many videos of her walking and sent them all to our families and the whole village until they got annoyed. #kauingatanakkausorangkebolehjalan #stopsendingusphotos

20160222_205918 20160226_124441 20160302_093111 20160311_193914

20160317_091347 20160311_194406 20160312_085605 20160314_095940 20160314_201920

Oh, the proud look on both our faces when Mariam walked to us. And now, when we come home from work, she will get up and walk like a penguin to greet us at the door with a hugeeee smile. Daniel does that too but we’re like uh-huh yeah whatever child, get out of Mariam’s way. HAHAHAH KIDDING. *half kidding*

Ahhh Mariam, where did all the time go?!