that porcelain perfect glow

March 8, 2016

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I get those “You’re so fair, you’re so lucky!” comments and to be honest, fairness doesn’t equal to radiance or “glow”. Being fair has its downsides e.g. if you get a pimple/rash/any redness, it’s soooo obvious. Or if you have dark spots, it’s amplified because of your fair base.

Look at this!


I pampered myself with a treat; this whole range from Estee Lauder! This new Crescent White range is da bombbbbbb. If you want a natural uplift in your skin brightness and just a general feel-good factor. Let me walk you through it.

First, we have the Full Cycle Brightening Rich Moisture Crème.

moisture creme

This one is your everyday moisturizer. I never really used moisturizers before but the nearer I get to 30, I feel more worried! And everyone I’ve met says slap on that moisturizer asap because you will thank yourself when you’re older. Your skin needs hydration and you may not realize it now.

And you know those dark spots? They’ll only get worse as we get older. Damage accumulated by day will form at night. This Milky Emulsion helps improve translucency and reduces dark spots and uneven skin tones. Use this twice a day, when you wake up and when you sleep.

milky emulsion

Then we have the Hydrating Mask. After a longggg hard day at work, we all need to treat ourselves ladies. Wear your comfortable pjs (torn kaftan for me), slap this mask on you and just lay on your couch and watch TV. And laugh out loud when your helper walks past and screams. Hehe.


Was a fun night hehe.

On to the BB Balm. This one I like because it’s very natural-looking. The case is portable and light, comes with a sponge to help you apply the product onto your face. It reduces dullness and defends against uneven skin tones and dark spots with antioxidants and SPF 50/PA++++ protection. This is also great to keep in your bag for when you want to touch up your makeup during the day.

bb balm

Ok… I saved the best for last. This one is my FAVOURITE.

night finishing treatment

The Night Finishing Treatment. This one is INSTANT BRIGHTENING. The compact case is light and it comes with a light brush (the bristles are very soft it feels like it is stroking gently at your face). This product should be used as your last step of your skincare regimen in the night – brush this all over your face and neck. While you sleep (and let’s face it, snoreee), this product will do its wonder in the night by soothing any possible irritation that could lead to pigmentation; and in the day, put this over your makeup as the last step for an instant porcelain finish. It’s suitable for any skin tones so use away! AM and PM.


Found my miracle product. So far am in love with it, hope it will help me brighten up my dullness after work! You should try it too!

For more information, head over to to check it out or visit Estee Lauder counters to get samples and try it out yourself!